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See Northern Kentucky Norse's new basketball court design at its BB&T Arena thanks to FOX19 Cincinnati's sports guy Joe Danneman's Twitter handle:

Michigan Wolverines basketball will return to Nike since the mid-2000s but this time under the Jordan Jumpman:
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But first Michigan still has one last Adidas maize jerseys to wear this season before the switch:

No more NCAA Division I independents: New Jersey Institute of Technology--NJIT--found a conference home. But it wasn't the America East Conference as expected given the recent scheduling. Surprisingly, it was the Atlantic Sun, a conference made up of schools based in the Sun Belt (formerly the Trans Atlantic Athletic Conference). The NJIT Highlanders will be the northernmost school in the whole conference. Guess it has to do with being in a conference where it can easily be competitive right away upon joining with a solid chance of making it to the NCAA tournament for the first time. Perhaps its only rival would be the North Florida Ospreys, who made it to the Big Dance for the first time last season. NJIT made it all the way to the Tournament semifinals before falling to Northern Arizona. As an independent, it would have no shot at sniffing the NCAA tournament.

Actually in the Atlantic Sun, NJIT is replacing Northern Kentucky, who since moved to the seemingly more geographically-correct in comparison Horizon League after one season.

Nebraska-Omaha basketball will move its own on-campus arena to open mid-October the 7500-seat Baxter Arena after years in the Ralston Arena. Baxter Arena will also serve as Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks' hockey team and the secondary home to its volleyball.

The Road to Houston starts soon. All the way to NRG Stadium. Here's the spacey with Texas twist 2016 NCAA Final Four logo:

Come 2017, the NCAA Final Four returns back west for the first time since Seattle in 1995 when it comes to Glendale, Arizona at the University of Phoenix Stadium. 2018 returns to San Antonio's Alamodome. Minneapolis' new US Bank Stadium, the future home of the Minnesota Vikings, will see it in 2019. Atlanta's new Mercedes-Benz Stadium will host it for the first time in 2020 before Indianapolis gets its requisite turn at the Lucas Oil Stadium in 2021
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SMU Mustangs slapped with a no postseason ban by the NCAA on a 3-year probation with the loss of 9 scholarships for those same combined 3 years following an NCAA investigation. Coach Larry Brown gets a 9-game suspension. No, this is not the infamous SMU football death penalty. Not the first time a Larry Brown-coached college basketball program got sanctioned: the venerable UCLA Bruins was slapped with probation after fielding two ineligible players on the freshman-dominant 1979-80 squad that went all the way to the NCAA Championship game against eventual winners Louisville (since vacated and Brown to the New Jersey Nets), and Kansas was hit with a no NCAA Tournament ban after shockingly win the NCAA title with Danny Manning and The Miracles and Brown immediately leaving for the San Antonio Spurs in 1988.
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Could Nike lose the University of Texas, one of the best all-around NCAA athletic departments, to Adidas or Under Armour during the bidding wars as those two slowly and surely assert themselves with colleges in their clientele. The Swoosh is going have to fight hard to keep a prized school from their rivals' lucrative offers and feels they're worth it. Judging from the backlash of the latest Adidas uniforms for the new schools it coveted, it would be wise for Texas to strongly advise not to alter its classic burnt orange look:

We're now one step closer to the US Supreme Court with the suit. Yesterday the 3-judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals sent a mixed message regarding the Ed O'Bannon lawsuit with a split decision upheld Judge Claudia Wilkins's decision that it would be possible to return to NCAA video games produced by EA after the legalities are through (currently the NCAA holds a policy against this right now) but also saying the NCAA is not legally obligated to pay the $5000 deferred amount per former NCAA player out of those NCAA college basketball and football video games or in TV broadcasts, which the NCAA was happy to shell money as compensation that need to be finalized. Not beyond the schools' tuition and room/board. This major ruling in favor of EA or any video game company not permitted to use actual college athletes' likenesses, names, and images in their games and other commercial enterprises violates Sherman Act antitrust regulations.

This issue is not going to go away anytime soon. There's strong opinion on both sides. Look for this matter to head all the way to the Supreme Court in 2-3 years time as that's been alluded to. Now the plantiffs like O'Bannon will surely appeal this decision. The NCAA makes billions of money off of amateur athletes for decades with massive and profitable TV contracts among them while its notable coaches not limited to those two sports making millions of dollars annually (with help of school boosters in many cases). The student-athletes get none outside of athletic scholarships--there's more than enough money to pay the student-athletes. Granted, only a tiny percentage of college players will see the professional realm in the USA/Canada and overseas depending on the sport. Big schools like Alabama, Texas, UCLA, Florida, North Carolina, Minnesota, USC, Michigan St., Ohio St., Arkansas, and Stanford get somewhere around $100 million annually, some of which gets channeled to non-revenue sports. When you get right down to it, being a top athlete in college is like holding a full-time job not only to the experiences of them but also everyone else. The NCAA is very loathe to sacrifice the idea of amateur college athletes shouldn't be paid; it should be well reminded that amatuerism really has roots for those who were wealthy enough to have the leisure time to getting involved in sports. Not something the poor and working class had access to, much less engaged in. Given the struggling economic times many live in here in the US with the disturbingly growing gap between the rich and the poor with a calcifying class structure far more restrictive than in western Europe and Australia/NZ/Asia (not to mention increasing college costs that won't come down soon along with a bound-to-burst student bubble and crushing student loan debts), I get the impression the NCAA thinks all male and female student athletes arrive on the college grounds on reasonably equal economic footing, when it actually hurts more than people care to realize. No regard for personal economic downturns when they happen to weather them. I'll delve more into this next week. But for now, I definitely believe student-athletes should be compensated with at least a stipend and make money off their names and likenesses depending on the brands the schools endorse. But the best overreaching ways to help all students, athlete and non-athlete alike, stem from two things: free post-secondary education at least for public universities and colleges and a US$100,000 civilian GI bill for young people (adjusted for inflation from over a decade this piece was written)
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Bryant Bulldogs assistant coach and former player Chris Burns comes out as the first openly gay NCAA D1 coach. Hopes this eventually gets taken for granted:

Two of the three unappreciated NCAA coaches mentioned in this have NBA ties. The third despite having a famous name in college basketball and coaching:
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Under Amour, founded by a former University of Maryland football player, certainly is making major moves in the NCAA college sports scene. Maryland naturally anchors the NCAA lineup. Its big college basketball uniform unveiling comes Friday headlined by Auburn and newcomers to the UA family Cincinnati, among other Under Armour NCAA basketball schools. Based on the teaser photos on Twitter, it doesn't look like it will follow Adidas' trail and go crazy with their designs:

Like, take a look at Miami Hurricanes' random striping below the waistband on the shorts:

San Diego St. Aztecs with Nike's help extend the brilliant Aztec calendar look on their football helmets towards the sublimation route on the back of their basketball jerseys:

North Carolina Tar Heels go black in Brooklyn at the Barclay Center against UCLA:
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The Big Sky underwent a postseason change. Not only the conference recently announced all of its 12 teams will participate instead of 6-8 teams previously, starting next year in March it will be take place in Reno, Nevada as a neutral site at the 5000-seat Reno Events Centre. The Big Sky would formerly award the tournament venue host to the team with the best regular season record. Now Nevada currently doesn't have a member in the Big Sky since the Nevada-Reno Wolfpack left for the WAC almost 20 years ago, but 8 Western states surround it making it an easy and centralizing location. With all 12 teams in, format will be top two seeded schools will get a bye into the quarterfinals with the opening round. Idaho's re-inclusion into the Big Sky certainly made this possible, and this past Big Sky season was very competitive.

Oh, have the Western Athletic Conference have fallen in its basketball power status. The WAC watched football-driven realignment rob dozen of schools, many with storied basketball programs in their time in the WAC. The Western Athletic once fielded San Diego St., Hawaii, Nevada-Reno, Fresno St., Wyoming, UTEP, Colorado St., Air Force, Utah St., Arizona St., Boise St., New Mexico, UNLV, Louisiana Tech, Rice, Texas-San Antonio, San Jose St., Utah, Texas Christian, BYU, Arizona, Denver, and SMU. Now its reduced to the 3rd-lowest conference RPI.

Speaking of the Arizona St. Sun Devils, it now has Bobby Hurley as its new head coach after taking the Buffalo Bulls to its first ever NCAA Tournament appearance in his two years there. His hiring makes sense only in a sports-saturated Phoenix sports market when ASU just wasn't attractive enough. Even current WAC member Grand Canyon, also in the Phoenix-Tempe area, have started to steal some local headlines with Phoenix Suns legend Dan Majerle as head coach. His coaching resume is risky with his scant coaching with Buffalo and as an asisstant at Wagner, but his coaching pedigree, his family, and Duke All-American pedigree grants instant cred with a marketing power energized. Buffalo's first-ever Big Dance berth euphoria evaporated after contract negotiations broke off between the Bulls and Hurley. Just liker that, any hopes of the Buffalo Bulls retaining itself as a Mid-American power was gone too. Hurley's Sun Devils team holds enough talent to be competitive from the start with the confidence to defeat Arizona and UCLA. Four starters return with a deeper backcourt and two juco transfers ready to play Hurley's philosophy of playing fast and aggressive.

One of things that I don't like in regards to the current 68-team format is how mid-majors continue to get short shrift when the likes of the Mid-American can't get more than the conference tournament winner into the Big Dance. It'll be great if it can get 2 schools into this, when in reality it's a struggle to get the coveted second team in ahead of those bubble teams from the big conferences. Pairings can be important than seedings like who a team is drawn into. No matter that he MAC is among the top 10 in RPI conference status--the Mid-American is the only conference to be there with only one school in the NCAA Tournament in the last 10 years. Did this only twice (2014, 2015). Even three teams in the RPI Top 60, Seven teams in the top 87, 8 in the Top 105 RPI (two-thirds of the MAC)--and the conference still can't get a second team into it. What does it have to do to make that happen? Name recognition is an issue--and this points to coaches--when the Mid-American is more interested in grooming good head coaches for bigger programs than retaining them as its basketball faces. Starting to realize it's not going to lose them annually. Akron's Keith Dambrot, Western Michigan's Steve Hawkins, Ohio's Saul Phillips, and Central Michigan's Keno Davis have all taken teams to the NCAA Tournament, though only Dambrot and Hawkins did so as MAC coaches. Bobby Hurley (Buffalo), Jim Christian, and John Groce (Ohio) have all moved elsewhere.

Get ready for Shaka Smart's Texas Longhorns version of Havoc that he made famous over at Richmond's Virginia Commonwealth! Smart waited out for a basketball program that genuinely interests him with lots of offers heading his way over the last several years. Can't compete with the money amount a place like Texas will offer. The Longhorns needed a cultural change after Rick Barnes, whose time there ended on a sour note even with taking Texas to 16 NCAA Tournaments in his 17 seasons there. Not to mention going 20-14 last season following being granted an ultimatum by the AD of letting go his coahcing staff or get fired. Smart's much younger and more energetic. Barnes is now at Tennessee.

Metro Atlantic will have the top 2 seeds enjoy a day off between the quarterfinals and semifinals. The previous format would favor teams with tremendous depth like current winners Manhattan with fresher legs over the likes of Iona in the semifinals, despite finishing second in the regular season standings. This change should help out the Iona Gaels, who are favo(u)red again to win but still holds a limited bench. When the new tourney format was put up to vote by the Metro Atlantic member schools, the Manhattan Jaspers was the sole dissenting vote, predictably. Manhattan Jaspers coach Steve Masiello believes people are sick and tired of Mahattan and refuse to deal with Jaspers' depth and style of play.

North Dakota St. Bison coach Dave Richman led all 1st year NCAA coaches in wins with 23 last season. The Bisons currently carry a 25-game home winning streak even as they continue being off-campus at the Scheels Arena, the home of UHSL's Fargo Force as their Bison Sports Arena undergoes $14 million renovations next year that will include a new weight room and a basketball training facility. South Dakota Coyotes will move to a $66 million 6000-seat multipurpose arena in 2016 south of the 10,000 DakotaDome, where it currently plays.
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Did you see that epic #1 Kansas and #2 Oklahoma game Monday night at the Forrest "Phogg" Allen Fieldhouse the Jayhawks? Went to 3 overtimes! A game for the ages. Oklahoma's Buddy Hield scored 43 points, the most for a visiting team inside the Allen Fieldhouse. Only time there was a 3OT game involving a #1 and a #2 was that famed 1957 NCAA championship game between Kansas and North Carolina in Kansas City's Municipal Auditorium. Wilt played in that game suited up for Kansas. But lost and Wilt got down. Hield was so good that night the Kansas faithful gave him a standing ovation:

Kansas got the #1 ranking because Michigan St. lost it to Iowa in conference play last week, that cost them being undefeated:

Why isn't the general public talking about Texas Tech as the Red Raiders fly under the radar? Maybe a signature road win will change that. Ditto for St. Mary's (CA):

How about Providence making some noise outta Big East at 14-1? Been dormat for while. South Carolina is undefeated at 14-0.

From what I'm seeing with the latest wave of ESPN 30 For 30s, seems to me there will not be a college basketball-themed one on Selection Sunday Night in the tradition of really good ones like the Fab Five, I Hate Christian Laettner, Requiem For the Big East, and Survive and Advance. It would be a good one with that time slot. Still hoping.
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Iowa Hawkeyes get the season Big 10 sweep on #4 Michigan St. in Iowa City Thursday night roughly two weeks after beating the Spartans in East Lansing.

#1 Kansas wins again.

Nike retains the rights of not just Texas Longhorns for $250 million. The Swoosh and Ohio St. keep their 2-decade relationship strong with the most lucrative issued to a college at $252 million for 15 years Thursday. Aside from getting the forthcoming innovative Nike sports gear and more black, the best part is for the Buckeye Nation to eclipse their eternal rivals Michigan's own Nike deal:

You can forget about any hopes for a NCAA college basketball game coming in the next year or two with the much-needed development head start included for right now, when game developers must be 100% certain there's not going to be any legal liability in it. The NCAA apparently punted on the Pac-12 proposal of athletes likeness and licensing monetizing at the annual NCAA general convention. Or any real issue of substance to college sports at the convention. Says something about the newfound power, movement, and influence of the so-called Power Five power conferences (Pac-12, ACC, Big 10, Big 12, and the SEC) two years on the issues that matter to the student-athletes, students, fans, and schools. Especially with EA Sports' rather cruel and ill-timed cryptic teasing with the EKG PR stunt at the college football national championship day:
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No ESPN 30 For 30 college basketball-themed feature on Selection Sunday this year. But there's a ESPN Films short coming March 8 called No Kin of Mine, a 35th anniversary look at the 1981 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament 3rd place consolation game between LSU and Virginia inside Philadelphia's Spectrum, which tipped off less than three hours after the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan. That LSU-Virginia game was also the last consolation game ever played in the Final Four.

No footage from that game presently exists on YouTube probrably because it wasn't televised on NBC or much less ESPN.
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Ah, that wonderfully fun time of the sports calendar for us here in North America with the NCAA Tournament in the Road To Houston ready to start in over a week with the field of 68! We got our first three automatic entries for this year as of this writing.

Congrats to Yale for winning the Ivy League regular season title with its win over the Columbia Lions yesterday! Its drought is over. The Bulldogs will make their first trip back into the NCAAs since 1962, before even Yale coach James Jones was born. Been a long time coming for the school. I know the school has been knocking on the door for NCAA entry for several years with Princeton, Cornell, and Harvard to overcome:

Another early entry--actually the first NCAA ticket punched last night--came from the Ohio Valley as Austin Peay (you know "the Fly is open, let's go Peay!" from the Fly Williams era there) gets revenge from the Tennessee-Martin Skyhawks in Nashville:

In my neck of the woods, it was a thriller from the final minutes with the Missouri Valley Conference championship game downtown. But no Wichita St. Shockers to be found as many, myself included, expected to be there. Northern Iowa took care of them yesterday in the MVC semis (more on that next post). But it looks like we will get two teams in the NCAA from the Missouri Valley with Wichita St. as the Northern Iowa Panthers won over the Evansville Purple Aces 56-54 this afternoon!

We may not see the Butler Bulldogs this year in the NCAA after thriving so well there for years. And ditto for Gonzaga too with both sweating it out until Selection Sunday unless the former wins the WCC tourney:
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Other conference tournament winners include:

Florida Gulf Coast clinching the Atlantic Sun last night on their Alico Arena home campus floor (the Atlantic Sun, Patriot League, and the America East hold their tournaments on the higher-seeded schools' sites) over the Stetson Hatters 80-78 in thrilling overtime fashion with this all-Florida matchup. The 4th seeded Eagles knocked off the 7th-seeded Hatters will go back dancing since 2013 for their second trip to the NCAAs with a different coach in Joe Dooley following predecessor Andy Enders' departure to Southern California and replacing stars Brett Comer and Bernard Thompson. Florida Gulf Coast will likely get something like a 14-15 seed like it did last time. But the Eagles can certainly be dangerous again with a more refined Dunk City 2 sequel. Zack Johnson had to sit out last season due to his heart condition; all he had to work on basketball-wise during that time was his free throws. Guess that paid off now with his 19 points--and his big block to seal the Atlantic Sun championship. Listened to the game last night on the go on Westwood One Radio.

What's intriguing about this championship game was that Stetson, looking for its first conference tournament title since back when the conference was called Trans America until 2001 when it joined in 1985 (was also in the championship game in 1987 and 1994 and lost both), is ineligble for the NCAA Tournament this season because of a subpar Academic Progress Report score, caused in part by the effect that two players who since transferred to other schools had on that score before its current coach took over during the summer. It's a young team that could act as a conference force soon with no seniors after just played its school-most 34 games. Will have one scholarship player coming into the mix. Had the Stetson won last night, Jacksonville's North Florida Ospreys, the Atlantic Sun regular season champs, would've made its second consecutive NCAA tournament appearance despite losing 89-56 to the Eagles in the semis:

UNC-Asheville is another school will make its return to the Big Dance after a couple years away (2012) in winning the Big South Tournament title over Gregg Marshall's former school Winthrop as the Bulldogs clinch it 77-68. Dwayne Sutton was on fire for UNC-Asheville with teammate Sam Hughes turning it on in the second half:

In case you may be wondering about how New Jersey Institute of Technology performed in their first season as an conference member in the Atlantic Sun, the Highlanders, buoyed by its postseason experience almost making it to the CIBT championship and upsetting Michigan last season, finished second in A-Sun play (8-6) and overall (17-14) as the unknown entity coming in since July that included a 5-game conference winning streak. Until the #2 seeded Highlanders got upset in the quarterfinals by Stetson 82-67 at home in Newark.

The Patriot League will see March 9's tournament championship winner between the 9-seed Holy Cross Crusaders, upsetters of #4 Army still looking for its first-ever NCAA Tournament appearance and will for another year at least, and #2 Lehigh, who knocked off #6 American at Lehigh's court.

The Colonial tournament tonight in Baltimore will see the Hofstra Pride (formerly the Flying Dutchmen/women, a nod to the name's and region's Dutch heritage in New York) face the UNC-Wilmington Seahawks, the school that introduced the world nationally to 3-point specialist Brent Blizzard) for all the marbles there. #1 Hofstra heartbreakingly defers #5 William & Mary's long-awaited NCAA Tournament dream for another year in the semis 70-67. UNCW beats the #6 Northeastern Huskies in the other.

Metro Atlantic's tournament championship also has its title game in Albany, New York with will conference fave Iona taking on Monmouth and its very entertaining bench, who should come into the NCAA regardless

Also tonight, the Southern Conference championship will be crowned with Tennessee-Chattanooga Mocs versus the East Tennessee St. Buccaneers, with new coach Steve Forbes and a cupboard not bare when he inherited the program, in Asheville, North Carolina as the top 2 seeds making it (the former is #1).

Northeast's tournament tomorrow night will have #1 seed Wagner Seahawks hosting Hudson River rivals #2 Fairleigh-Dickinson Knights across the river from New Jersey in Staten Island, NYC in another 1-2 seed final. Wagner aims to play in its first NCAAs since 2003 with tomorrow's win.

We got ourselves new NCAA college basketball postseason tournament starting this year to go along with the NCAA, the NIT, the CBI, and the It's the Vegas 16 with all of its inaugural games played at the Mandalay Bay Arena in Las Vegas on March 26-30, operated by Lexington, Kentucky-based bd Sports with the CBS Sports Network as the TV carrier going from the quarterfinals onward starting on March 28 after two first round games on the first two days. The Vegas 16 selection committee members includes George Raveling, Debbie Antonelli, former UNLV and Arizona athletic director Jim Livengood (who will chair the event), John Balistere, and Brooks Downing. The Vegas 16 field as the name suggests will have 16 NCAA men's basketball teams not included in the NCAA and NIT with the teams and seeding shortly announced after the NCAA and NIT's fields. Wonder where does the Vegas 16 fit into the tournament pecking order? Likely behind the NIT but above the CBI.

The Tournament will feature the John McLendon Classic, a game inside it on March 14 featuring at least one historically black college/university named in honor of the first black head coach in pro basketball history (the ABL's Cleveland Pipers) and in a predominately white university (Cleveland St. Vikings) and also introduced the full-court press and the four corners offense. Winner advances to the CIT second round. This will be a first in NCAA D1 postseason tournament basketball a classic is played Previously this was played in the regular season.

Get ready for an expanded two hours of the NCAA Tournament Selection Sunday Show on CBS coming this Sunday for the first time ever on its 35th anniversary. Started as a 30-minute program for 20 years from 1982-2002. Guess CBS has to get compensated for losing the entire Final Four to cable for the first time to Turner Sports (TBS/TNT/Tru TV):

Expansion of March Madness Live to more platforms than ever before this year--and still free access:

Westwood One Radio's NCAA basketball schedule here in the US, men and women:

Wisconsin's Greg Gard will happily lose his interim tag as the Badgers' coach with a 5-year contract:

This is where the bulk of what ESPN happily calls the Championship Week with the ACC, American, Atlantic 10, Big 10, Big East, Big 12, Big Sky, Big West, Conference USA, Horizon, Mid-American, Mid-Eastern, Mountain West, Pac-12, SEC, Southland, Sun Belt, Southwestern, Western Athletic, and the West Coast.

The coaching casualties have started now: the Drexel Dragons just gave longtime head coach (15 seasons) Bruiser Flint his pink slip today after a 6-25 season and one postseason appearance in the last 9 seasons for his players were not named Malik Rose:
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Iona Gaels goes into the NCAA after fighting a close one 79-76 against rivals Monmouth last night at Albany's Times Union Arena for the Metro Atlantic title. Their defense came up huge last night. Iona came in with some heavy hearts when Jordan Washington lost one of his best friends a couple hours before in a car accident and teammate Roundtree's grandmother died last night:

The Monmouth Hawks with their entertaining Bench Mob will have to sweat things out until Selection Sunday if they're in. I sincerely hope they will get in. Monmouth actually has a better record than the famed Virginia Commonwealth 2011 Final Four team under the dynamic Shaka Smart (now at Texas) at 27-7 to the latter's 23-11 and both lost in the conference final. VCU had a better RPI ranking and one more Top 50 win than Monmouth. Though Monmouth did beat Southern California, Notre Dame, and Georgetown this season with a 45th strength of schedule ranking at 86th in the BPI (but also endured bad losses to Army, Canisius, and Manhattan). Even Fran Frachilla can recall being at Manhattan as coach to relate to anxiously waiting word will they get in too back in 1994-95--and did and won a first round game. Look forward to seeing a Bench Mob dance upon admission. Wasn't that long ago--4 years in 2012--that the MAAC got two teams in it.

UNC-Wilmington Seahawks punched their 2016 NCAA Tournament ticket to go some Seahawk Nation dancing with their defeat of Hofstra last night in Baltimore to clinch the Colonial with coach Kevin Keatts. Today when they arrived home in Wilmington, they stopped at a Bojangles Chicken restaurant before returning to campus and just had their team photo in front of the bus taken by its manager

Tennessee-Chattanooga power their way into the NCAA winning the Southern Conference title last night in Asheville with rookie coach Matt McCall over East Tennessee St. 73-67:

#4 Wisconsin-Green Bay Phoenix dispenses #1 Valparaiso in overtime in the semis in the Horizon League in Detroit and will face #3 Wright St., winners over the Oakland Grizzlies in the other, for the Horizon League title tonight.

But not before the Valpo Crusaders' full-court baseball pass from junior forward Jubril Adekoya heaved the ball the length of the court to Alec Peters, who got the layup to fall and tied the game and force overtime:

It's a battle of the Dakota States tonight in the Summitt League in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with the #2 South Dakota St. Jackrabbits taking on the #4 North Dakota St. Bison. There, #1 IPFW got stunned in the quarterfinals:

Would be best if Gonzaga's rather disappointing season, in terms of getting to the NCAA Tournament, would win it all tonight in Las Vegas against #1 St. Mary's, who have players who are patient and can shoot the basketball and are young. Two days later, Las Vegas' Orleans Arena will also host the Western Athletic tournament. The Zags' best quality win this season came from UCONN--and hope not to lose early and not have other conference schools looking into at large bids:

Stony Brook Seawolves will host Vermont for the America East title Saturday.

So far in conference tournament finals, #1 seeds are currently 1-9 in winning them this year. St Mary's, Stony Brook, and Wagner have all reached title games coming up as #1 conference tournament seeds.

I do think Wichita St. should feel safe as far as the NCAA goes despite losing to eventual Missouri Valley Conference winner Northern Iowa in the semis:

North Carolina ruins hated ACC archrival Duke's Senior Night at the Cameron Indoor Stadium this past Sunday, showing its all ready with the NCAA postseason:

Kansas is #1 nationally--and will definitely get the 31 national seed overall come Sunday:

Cincinnati Bearcats get a crucial win as a bubble win knocking off #24 SMU:

What has happened in the world since Yale last was in the NCAA tournament back in 1961:

Devaney's Santa Clara successor Kerry Keating is now fired for 3 sub-.500 seasons after winning CIT and CBI titles:

Big Sky tournament preview from Reno:

Very possible the Stephen F. Austin and its star Thomas Walkup and coach Brad Underwood could return to the NCAA tournament out of the Southland Conference tournament as widely expected, as they lorded over the conference for 3 years. If not, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi could do it. Houston Baptist catch a break for entry because Incarnate Word Cardinals are ineligible:

In the Conference USA tournament in Birmingham, it's seemingly Alabama-Birmingham versus everyone else for the conference title in separating themselves:

Big 12 tournament in KC with a very, very strong Kansas Jayhawks contingent coming in what's just a formality coming towards a #1 seed in a region on Sunday. Don't sell the conference short for it's very strong and the best one this season with top teams:

SWAC Tournament preview:
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In Vegas, Gonzaga had to win there last night in the eyes of some if the Bulldogs wanted to maintain its 18-year NCAA Tournament streak, and Kyle Wiltjer, Eric McClennan, and Josh Perkins lead the way to take the guesswork away with a balanced attack of 61% shooting in the West Coast Tournament Championship Game over fellow Jesuit rivals St. Mary's 85-75:

Linc Darner is another first year coach whose team is going dancing for the first time in a while. In this case, it's Wisconsin-Green Bay doing so for the first time in 20 years--think back to the Bennett Era of father coach Dick and his star son Tony (now Virginia coach). The Phoenix beats Wright St. with its uptempo style 78-69 in Detroit for the Horizon League title at the Joe Louis Arena also last night:

Sioux Falls' Battle of the Dakota Sts. for the Summit League Championship wasn't quite like living up to the Cardiac Jacks of South Dakota St. winning from the jaws of defeat in less dramatic fashion over the North Dakota St. Bison 67-59 starring two defense-oriented teams for its 3rd title in 5 years:

You may want to have the South Dakota St. Jackrabbits as a potential upset special depending on the opponent they'll face, likely a 13th seed; the Summit League is a little underrated nationally. Plus, jackrabbits are hares not rabbits, wilder hares that exist and survive in a harsher environment with powerful legs and run fast:

Fairleigh Dickinson, with currently the 3rd-youngest D1 NCAA basketball team, shatters the home team Wagner Seahawks fans' hearts last night with getting the Knights' 5th alltime NCAA Tournament bid 87-79 by winning the Northeast title. Those 87 points were the most the Seahawks allowed this season. Worse for Wagner's fans, FDU's fans added insult to injury by storming the sold-out and packed Wagner court afterwards. That's gotta suck for them. When Greg Herenda took over Wagner, the program had NO assistant coaches and had six players remaining. Also Pete Lappas, FDU's Director of Basketball Operations, is Steve Lappas' son:

Now #1 seeds in mid-majors are 1-10 in tournament championships.

The big boys are now playing their games right now as I write this.

Add former Kansas Jayhawks standout Rex Walters to the unemployment coaching line when the San Francisco Dons fired him today after 8 seasons. When I read the college basketball previews, Walters had to endure a mass player defection in the offseason, which led naturally to a woeful USF season in the West Coast. Did lead the Dons to a handful of recent non-NCAA postseason tournaments like the CBI, NIT, and, though:
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Will get back into this more Saturday--and we will likely get more tournament champs in as well by then. But I can tell who got selected or at least got an invite so far into the Postseason Tournament this year:

Army (Patriot)
Ball State (Mid-American)
Coastal Carolina (Big South)
Furman (Southern Conference)
Grand Canyon (WAC)
Mercer (Southern Conference)
NJIT (Atlantic Sun)
Tennessee St. (Ohio Valley)
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I will for the first part just the schedule for the NCAA D1 Men's Basketball Tournaments going on actually today. I will edit this very post starting tomorrow to add further details and thoughts. Will get to the D2, D3, and NAIA versions later.

Here we go!



Tuesday, March 15 (all times US/Canada CST)
Florida Gulf Coast Eagles vs. Fairleigh Dickinson Knights 5:40pm
Andrew Catalon / Steve Lappas // Jamie Erdahl

Vanderbilt Commodores vs. Wichita St. Shockers 8:10pm

Wednesday, March 16
Holy Cross Crusaders vs. Southern Jaguars 5:40pm
Carter Blackburn / Mike Gminski // Jaime Maggio

Michigan Wolverines vs. Tulsa Golden Hurricanes 8:10pm
(all games here at the University of Dayton Arena in Dayton, Ohio and on TruTV)


Thursday Afternoon, March 17 (11am-5pm)
Providence--Dunkin Donuts Arena
Duke Blue Devils vs. North Carolina-Wilmington Seahawks (UNCW)
Ian Eagle/Chris Webber/Len Elmore//Evan Washburn (CBS--11:15am)

Raleigh--PNC Arena
Texas Tech Red Raiders vs. Butler Bulldogs
Kevin Harlan/Reggie Miller/Dan Bonner//Lewis Johnson (TruTV--11:40am)

Des Moines--Wells Fargo Arena
Colorado Buffalos vs. Connecticut Huskies
Jim Nantz/Grant Hill/Bill Raftery//Tracy Wolfson (TNT--12:30pm)

Denver--Pepsi Center
Iowa St. Cyclones vs. Iona Gaels
Andrew Catalon/Steve Lappas//Jamie Eradhl (TBS--1pm)

Providence--Dunkin Donuts Center
Baylor Bears vs. Yale Bulldogs
Eagle/ Webber/Elmore//Washburn (CBS--1:40pm)

Raleigh--PNC Arena
Virginia Cavaliers vs. Hampton Pirates
Harlan/Miller/Bonner//Johnson (TruTV--1:40pm)

Des Moines--Wells Fargo Arena
Kansas Jayhawks vs. Austin Peay Governors
Nantz/Hill/Raftery//Wolfson (TNT--2:10pm)

Denver--Pepsi Center
Purdue Boilermakers vs. Arkansas-Little Rock Trojans
Catalon/ Lappas// Eradhl (TBS--3:30pm)

5:30-11pm Evening session

Miami (FL) Hurricanes vs. Buffalo Bulls
Eagle/ Webber/Elmore//Washburn (TNT--5:50pm)

Des Moines
Indiana Hoosiers vs. Tennessee-Chattanooga Mocassins
Nantz/Hill/Raftery//Wolfson (CBS--6:10pm)

North Carolina Tar Heels vs. Florida Gulf Coast/Fairleigh Dickinson winner
Harlan/Miller/Bonner//Johnson (TBS--6:20pm)

Utah Utes vs. Fresno St. Bulldogs
Catalon/ Lappas// Eradhl (TruTV--6:27pm)

Arizona Wildcats vs. Vanderbilt/Wichita State winner
Eagle/ Webber/Elmore//Washburn (TNT--8:20pm)

Des Moines
Kentucky Wildcats vs. Stony Brook Seawolves
Nantz/Hill/Raftery//Wolfson (CBS--8:40pm)

Southern California (USC) Trojans vs. Providence Friars
Harlan/Miller/Bonner//Johnson (TBS--8:50pm)

Seton Hall Pirates vs. Gonzaga Bulldogs
Catalon/ Lappas// Eradhl (TruTV--8:57pm)

First Round Games
Friday Afternoon, March 18 (11am-5pm CT)

St. Louis--Scottrade Center
Dayton Flyers vs. Syracuse Orangemen
Brian Anderson/Steve Smith//Dana Jacobson (CBS--11:15am)

Brooklyn--Barclay Center
Villanova Wildcats vs. UNC-Asheville Bulldogs
Verne Lundquist/Jim Spanarkel//Allie LaForce (TruTV--11:40am)

Oklahoma City--Chespeake Energy Arena
Oregon St. Beavers vs. VCU Rams
Carter Blackburn/ Mike Gminski//Jaime Maggio (TNT--12:30pm)

Spokane--Spokane Arena
California Golden Bears vs. Hawaii Rainbow Warriors
Spero Dedes/Doug Gottlieb//Ros Gold-Onwude (TBS--1pm)

St. Louis
Michigan St. Spartans vs. Middle Tennessee St. Blue Raiders
Anderson/Smith//Jaconson (CBS--1:45pm)

Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Temple Owls
Lundquist/Spanarkel//LaForce (TruTV--2:10pm)

Oklahoma City
Oklahoma Sooners vs. CSU-Bakersfield Roadrunners
Blackburn/Gminski//Maggio (TNT--3pm)

Maryland Terrapins vs. South Dakota St. Jackrabbits
Dedes/Gottlieb//Gold-Onwude (TBS--3:30pm)

Friday Evening, March 18 (5:30--11PM)

St. Louis
Wisconsin Badgers vs. Pittsburgh Panthers
Anderson/Smith//Jacobson (TNT--5:50pm)

West Virginia Mountaineers vs. Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks
Lundquist/Spanarkel//LaForce (CBS--6:10pm)

Oklahoma City
Texas A&M Aggies vs. Wisconsin-Green Bay Phoenix
Blackburn/Gminski//Maggio (TBS--6:20pm)

Oregon Ducks vs. Holy Cross/Southern U. winner
Dedes/Gottlieb//Gold-Onwude (TruTV--6:27pm)

St. Louis
Xavier (OH) Musketeers vs. Weber St. Wildcats
Anderson/Smith//Jacobson (TNT--8:20pm)

Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. Michigan/Tulsa winner
Lundquist/Spanarkel//LaForce (CBS--8:40pm)

Oklahoma City
Texas Longhorns vs. Northern Iowa Panthers
Blackburn/Gminski//Maggio (TBS--8:50pm)

St. Joseph’s (PA) Hawks vs. Cincinnati Bearcats
Dedes/Gottlieb//Gold-Onwude (TruTV--8:57pm)

First Round

Tuesday, March 15
Akron (26- at Ohio State (20-13), 7 p.m., ESPN
High Point (21-10) at South Carolina (24-, 7 p.m., ESPNU
Davidson (20-12) at Florida State (19-13), 7 p.m., ESPN2
Alabama (18-14) at Creighton (18-14) 9 p.m., ESPN
Long Beach State (20-14) at Washington (18-14), 9 p.m., ESPN2
Florida (19-14) at North Florida (22-11), 9 p.m., ESPNU
Texas Southern (18-14) at Valparaiso (26-6), 9:15 p.m., ESPN3
IPFW (24-9) at San Diego State (25-9), 10 p.m., ESPN3
New Mexico State (23-10) at Saint Mary’s (Cal) (27-5), 11 p.m., ESPN2

Wednesday, March 16
Wagner (22-10) at St. Bonaventure (22-, 7 p.m., ESPN3
Belmont (20-11) at Georgia (19-13), 7 p.m., ESPN2
Bucknell (17-13) at Monmouth (27-7), 7:30 p.m., ESPN3
Hofstra (24-9) at George Washington (23-10), 8 p.m., ESPN3
Princeton (22-6) at Virginia Tech (19-14), 8 p.m., ESPNU
Houston (22-9) at Georgia Tech (19-14), 9 p.m., ESPN2
UAB (26-6) at BYU (23-10), 10 p.m., ESPNU

Second Round

March 18-21

Wagner-St. Bonaventure winner vs. Alabama-Creighton winner, TBA
Princeton-Virginia Tech winner vs. UAB-BYU winner, TBA
Texas Southern-Valparaiso winner vs. Davidson-Florida State winner, TBA
Belmont-Georgia winner vs. New Mexico State-Saint Mary’s (Cal) winner, TBA
High Point-South Carolina winner vs. Houston-Georgia Tech winner, TBA
Long Beach State-Washington winner vs. IPFW-San Diego State winner, TBA
Bucknell-Monmouth winner vs. Hofstra-George Washington winner, TBA
Akron-Ohio State winner vs. Florida-North Florida winner, TBA


March 22-23

NIT Semifinals

At Madison Square Garden--New York City

Tuesday, March 29
Game 1, 7 p.m.
Game 2, 9:30 p.m.

NIT Championship
Thursday, March 31, 6pm


First Round

Tuesday, March 15
Morehead St. at Siena, 7 p.m.

Wednesday, March 16
Nebraska-Omaha at Duquesne, 7 p.m.
Albany at Ohio, 7 p.m.
Houston Baptist at North Carolina-Greensboro, 7 p.m.
Western Carolina at Vermont, 7 p.m.
Pepperdine at Eastern Washington, 9 p.m.
Montana at Nevada, 10 p.m.
Idaho at Seatte, 10 p.m.

Monday, March 21


March 28 (all games at Las Vegas' 10,000-seat Mandalay Bay Events Center)
Game 1: Tennessee Tech (19-11) vs. Old Dominion (22-13) – 2 pm
Game 2: Northern Illinois (21-12) vs. UCSB (18-13) – 4:30 pm
Game 3: Oakland (21-11) vs. Towson (20-12) – 8 pm
Game 4: Louisiana Tech (23-9) vs. ETSU (23-11) – 10:30 pm

March 29
Games 5/6: Semifinals 7/9:30pm

March 30
Game 7: Championship – 9 pm


March 14-16

Jackson State (19-15) @ Sam Houston State (18-15) 6:30
South Carolina State (19-14) @ Grand Canyon (25-6) 9:00--Jack McClendon Classic

Mercer (19-14) @ Coastal Carolina (18-11) 6:00
UL Monroe (20-13) @ Furman (18-15) 6:00
Ball State (19-13) @ Tennessee State (20-10) 6:00

UT Arlington (23-13) @ Savannah State (16-15) 6:00
Boston University (18-14) @ Fordham (17-13) 6:00
Norfolk State (17-16) @ Columbia (21-10) 6:00
New Hampshire (19-12) @ Fairfield (19-13) 6:00
UT-Martin (19-14) @ Central Michigan (17-15) 6:00
Army (19-13) @ NJIT (17-14) 6:30
UC Irvine (25-9) @ North Dakota (17-15) 8:00
Texas A&M Corpus Christi (25-7) @ UL Lafayette (17-14) 8:00 pm

March 18-20

MARCH 22-24

March 27

March 29
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Turns out it isn't going to be feasible to have 16 teams in Vegas for the new tournament this year despite having some names behind it. Plus it lacks big-time major power conference cred; Boise St. thought about accepting the invite but didn't for that reason (too bad Anthony Drmic can't become the Broncos alltime leading scorer away from Tanoka Beard--he was 2 points away). So the Vegas 16, through its delays in its hopes of roping big-name schools, will start out with half the planned field with mid-majors, bringing ridicule on social media. But it poked fun at itself with that. Maybe it'll be a better tournament starting out with. All games will be broadcast live on CBS Sports Network for 3 days:

LSU (famously), Ole Miss, Northwestern, Kansas St., Marquette, Kent St. NC St., and Stanford all also declined non-NCAA/NIT postseason invites.

Good! Away with those generic same NCAA tournament March Madness basketball court designs (save for the Final Four ones) in recent years!

Phoenix 2017 Final Four logo for the first NCAA Final Four out West since Seattle 1995 that the NCAA revealed:
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Lots to cover on the NCAA March Madness realm (D1 of course as we all know and love) along with the other postseason NCAA tournaments in the CBI, NIT, Vegas 16, and the CIT. But with this post, I'll touch on the D2 tournament that just got completed this past weekend. D3 and NAIA are coming too. Definitely will update this tomorrow with more details and links



Friday, March 11, 2016
#6 Cal Poly-Pomona 63 #3 Cal-Baptist 70
#7 Chico St. 64 #2 UC-San Diego Tritons 76
#8 Humboldt St 65 #1 Western Oregon 82
Columbia International 52 Emmanuel (Ga.) 94
Toccoa Falls Oakland City

Saturday, March 12, 2016
#6 St. Thomas Aquinas 92 #3 S. Connecticut St. 90
#6 Virginia St. 76 #3 Fairmont St. 66
#6 Montevallo 88 #3 Wingate Bulldogs 89
#6 Rollins 92 #3 Barry 107
#7 Philadelphia 71 #2 St. Anselm 83
#7 Concord 69 #2 West Liberty 90
#7 Lenoir-Rhyne 83 #2 King (TN) 79
#7 Ouachita Baptist 53 #2 Northwest Missouri St. Bearcats 78
#7 Union (TN) 88 #2 Eckerd 85
#7 Ferris St. 100 #2 Bellarmine 84
#8 Southern New Hampshire 88 #1 Holy Family 80
#8 Mercyhurst 66 #1 Wheeling Jesuit 65
#8 Saint Leo 81 #1 Alabama-Huntsville Chargers 98
#8 Lubbock Christian 79 #1 Midwestern St. 73
#8 Kentucky Wesleyan 65 #1 Wisconsin-Parkside 74
#5 Columbus St. 84 #4 Queens (NC) 94
#5 Bentley 62 #4 Stonehill 78
#5 Stillman 85 #4 West Georgia 79
#5 Fort Hays St. 67 #4 Nebraska-Kearney 79
#5 Saginaw Valley 80 #4 Lewis 65
#5 Colorado Mines 61 #4 Tarleton St. 83
Indianapolis Greyhounds 77 Ashland 60


Saturday, March 12, 2016
#5 Azusa Pacific 69 #1 Western Oregon 81
Carver Bible Emmanuel (GA)
Dallas Baptist Fort Lewis
Lander Lincoln Memorial
West Chester Kutztown
Cal Baptist UC San Diego
Arkansas-Fort Smith Angelo St.
MSU-Mankato Minnesota St.-Morehead
Harding Augustana (SD) Vikings

Sunday, March 13 2016
#6 St. Thomas Aquinas 73 #2 Saint Anselm 77
#7 Lenoir-Rhyne 76 #3 Wingate 69
#6 Virginia St. 69 #2 West Liberty 90
#6 MSU-Mankato #2 Northwest Missouri St. 82
#7 Ferris St. 89 #6 Indianapolis 87
#8 Mercyhurst 73 #4 Kutztown 79
#4 Queens (NC) 67 #1 Lincoln Memorial 95
#5 Stillman 71 #1 Alabama-Huntsville 81
Saginaw Valley Wisconsin-Parkside
Angelo St. Fort Lewis
Union (TN) Barry
Lubbock Christian Tarleton St.
Southern New Hampshire Stonehill
Nebraska-Kearney Augustana (S.D.)


Monday, March 14, 2016
#2 UC-San Diego 55 #1 Western Oregon 60

Tuesday, March 15, 2016
#4 Kutztown 64 #2 West Liberty 85
#7 Lenoir-Rhyne 80 #1 Lincoln Memorial 103
#4 Stonehill 82 #2 Saint Anselm 76
#2 Northwest Missouri St. 78 #1 Augustana (SD) 80
#7 Ferris St. 61 #5 Saginaw Valley 63
#3 Angelo St. 72 #4 Tarleton St. 77
#3 Barry 87 #1 Alabama-Huntsville 83

Wednesday, March 16, 2016
Central Christian (KS) 47 Emmanuel (GA) 76

Thursday, March 17, 2016
Emmanuel (GA) Grace (IN)

Saturday, March 19, 2016
Southwestern Christian Emmanuel (GA)


Wednesday, March 23, 2016
#6 Saginaw Valley 68 #3 Western Oregon 81
Stonehill West Liberty


Thursday, March 24, 2016
#4 West Liberty 102 #1 Lincoln Memorial 103
#3 Western Oregon 55 #2 Augustana (SD) 74


Saturday, March 26, 2016
#2 Augustana (SD) 90 #1 Lincoln Memorial 81

Augustana (SD) Vikings--NCAA 2015-16 MEN'S D2 CHAMPIONS
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And then there is now the Final Four in Houston...
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Will get to the results of the NCAA Tournament leading up to the Final Four in Houston tomorrow. But first a taste of the venues selected for each round of next year's tournament in 2017:

March 14-15
University of Dayton Arena, Dayton, Ohio (Host: University of Dayton)

First and Second Rounds
March 16 and 18
First Niagara Center, Buffalo, New York (Host: Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference)
BMO Harris Bradley Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Host: Marquette University)
Amway Center, Orlando, Florida (Hosts: University of Central Florida and Stetson University)
Vivint Smart Home Arena, Salt Lake City, Utah (Host: University of Utah)

March 17 and 19
Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina (Host: Atlantic Coast Conference)
Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, Indiana (Hosts: Horizon League and IUPUI)
BOK Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma (Host: University of Tulsa)
Golden 1 Center, Sacramento, California (Host: California State University, Sacramento)

Regional Semifinals and Finals (Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight)

March 23 and 25
Midwest Regional, Sprint Center, Kansas City, Missouri (Host: Big 12 Conference)
West Regional, SAP Center, San Jose, California (Host: Pac-12 Conference)

March 24 and 26
East Regional, Madison Square Garden, New York, New York (Hosts: St. John's University and Big East Conference)
South Regional, FedExForum, Memphis, Tennessee (Host: University of Memphis)

National Semifinals and Championship (Final Four and Championship)

April 1 and 3
University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona (Host: Arizona State University)
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And then there is now the Final Four in Houston...


FIRST FOUR (at Dayton--University of Dayton Arena)

Tuesday, March 15
#16 Florida Gulf Coast Eagles 96 #16 Fairleigh-Dickinson 65
#11 Wichita St. 70 #11 Vanderbilt 50

Wednesday, March 16
#16 Holy Cross 59 #16 Southern 55
#11 Michigan 67 #11 Tulsa 62


Thursday, March 17
#1 Kansas 105 #16 Austin Peay 79
#1 North Carolina 83 #16 Florida Gulf Coast 67
#3 Miami 79 #14 Buffalo 72
#4 Kentucky 85 #13 Stony Brook 57
#12 Arkansas-Little Rock 85 #5 Purdue 83 2OT
#3 Utah 80 #14 Fresno St. 69
#5 Indiana 99 #12 Tennessee-Chattanooga 74
#11 Wichita St. 65 #6 Arizona 55
#4 Duke 93 #13 UNC-Wilmington 85
#11 Gonzaga 68 #6 Seton Hall 52
#12 Yale 79 #5 Baylor 75
#4 Iowa St. 94 #13 Iona 81
#9 Butler 71 #8 Texas Tech 61
#9 Connecticut 74 #8 Colorado 67
#9 Providence 70 #8 Southern California (USC) 69

Friday, March 18
#15 Middle Tennessee St. 90 #2 Michigan St. 81
#1 Oregon 91 #16 Holy Cross 52
#2 Villanova (30-5) 86 #15 Cal St.-Bakersfield (24-9) 68
#14 Stephen F. Austin (28-5) 70 #3 West Virginia (26-9) 56
#2 Xavier (OH) (28-5) 71 #15 Weber St. (26-9) 53
#3 Texas A&M (27- 92 #14 Wisconsin-Green Bay (23-13) 65
#5 Maryland (26- 79 #12 South Dakota St. (26- 74
#13 Hawaii (28-5) 77 #4 California (23-11) 66
#7 Iowa (22-10) 72 #10 Temple (21-12) 70 OT
#10 Syracuse (20-13) 70 #7 Dayton (25- 51
#10 Virginia Commonwealth (25-10) 75 #7 Oregon St. (19-13) 67
#7 Wisconsin (21-12) 47 #10 Pittsburgh (21-12) 43
#11 Northern Iowa (23-12) 75 #6 Texas (20-13) 72
#6 Notre Dame (22-11) 70 #11 Michigan (23-13) 63
#8 St. Joesph's (28-7) 78 #9 Cincinnati (22-11) 76


Saturday, March 19
#1 North Carolina (30-6) 85 #9 Providence (24-11) 66--8:40pm TBS
#1 Virginia (28-7) 77 #9 Butler (22-11) 69--6:10pm TBS
#3 Miami (27-7) 65 #11 Wichita St. (26-9) 57--11:10am CBS
#5 Indiana (27-7) 73 #4 Kentucky (27-9) 67--4:15pm CBS
#11 Gonzaga (28-7) 82 #3 Utah (27-9) 59--7:40pm TNT
#4 Duke (25-10) 71 #12 Yale (23-7) 64--1:40pm CBS
#4 Iowa St. (23-11) 78 #2 Arkansas-Little Rock (30-5) 61--5:10pm TNT

Sunday, March 20
#1 Oregon (30-6) 69 #8 St. Joseph's (28- 64--8:40pm TBS
#2 Villanova (31-5) 87 #7 Iowa (22-11) 68--11:10am CBS
#2 Oklahoma (27-7) 85 #10 Virginia Commonwealth (25-11) 81--4:15pm CBS
#7 Wisconsin (22-12) 66 #2 Xavier (28-6) 63--7:40pm TNT
#3 Texas A&M (28- 92 #11 Northern Iowa (23-13) 88 2OT--TruTV
#5 Maryland (27- 73 #13 Hawaii (28-6) 60--6:10pm TBS
#6 Notre Dame (23-11) 76 #14 Stephen F. Austin (28-6) 75--1:40pm CBS
#10 Syracuse (21-13) 75 #15 Middle Tennessee St. (25-10) 50--5:10pm TNT


Thursday, March 24
SOUTH REGIONALS--Louisville (KFC Yum! Center)
#1 Kansas 79 #5 Maryland 63--8:40pm CBS
#2 Villanova 92 #3 Miami 69--6:10pm CBS
WEST REGIONALS--Anahiem (Honda Center)
#2 Oklahoma 77 #3 Texas A&M 63--6:37pm TBS
#1 Oregon 82 #4 Duke 68--9:07pm TBS

Friday, March 25
EAST REGIONALS--Philadelphia (Wells Fargo Center)
#6 Notre Dame 61 #7 Wisconsin 56--6;27pm TBS
#1 North Carolina 101 #5 Indiana 86--8:57pm TBS
MIDWEST REGIONALS--Chicago (Chicago United Center)
#1 Virginia 84 #4 Iowa St. 71--6:10pm CBS
#10 Syracuse 63 #11 Gonzaga 60--8:40pm CBS


Saturday, March 26
#2 Oklahoma 80 #1 Oregon 68 (Anahiem)--5:09pm CBS
#2 Villanova 64 #1 Kansas 59 (Louisville)--7:49pm CBS
Sunday, March 27
#10 Syracuse 68 #1 Virginia 62 (Chicago)--5:09pm TBS
#1 North Carolina 88 #6 Notre Dame 74 (Philadelphia)--7:49pm TBS

2016 FINAL FOUR (at Houston's NRG Stadium)


Saturday, April 2
Oklahoma vs. Villanova--5:09pm TBS (Team Streams on TNT and TruTV)
North Carolina vs. Syracuse--7:49pm TBS (Team Streams on TNT and TruTV)


Monday, March 4--8pm TBS

This explains why in overview form the Final Four this year (and in even-numbered years under the current CBS/Turner Sports contract to 2024) is on TBS and its sister Turner networks and not on CBS in the USA. Believe it or not, it's still a shock to some people here after 34 years on CBS (and NBC up to 1981):

For the third consecutive year under the current CBS/Turner Sports TV contract with this tournament, there will be those Team Streams by Bleacher Report that will feature the simulcast coverage of the Final Four and all the way up to the national championship game on TNT and TruTV. This year, as noted on Tuesday, that Oklahoma's (play-by-play Chris McKee, analyst Eduardo Najera, and reporter Jessica Coody) and North Carolina's (play-by-play Wes Durham, analyst Brendon Haywood, and reporter Dwayne Ballen) Team SDtreams will be on TNT. TruTV's Team Streams will feature Villanova's (play-by-play Scott Graham, analyst Brian Finneran, and reporter Kacie McDowell) and Syracuse's (play-by-play Tom Werme, analyst Roosevelt Bouie, and reporter Donovan McNabb). This will be the first time ever in the tournament's 78 years that this stage will entirely be shown on cable. Starting this year, as noted on the YouTube link, the Final Four and the national championship game (the impartial coverage, that is) will alternate between TBS and CBS.

The NIT just crowned its champion last night after the NIT national semifinals in New York City. The Tournament also had its championship game going on crosstown in New York City with the Ivy League's Columbia Lions hosting the UC-Irvine Anteaters on its campus home floor. The CBI will have theirs known after the best of three goes the distance tonight. Vegas 16's new tournament (really 8 teams) is now complete. We'll get to all those and D3's and NAIA's next week starting Monday.

On Donovan McNabb's return to TV with his alma mater's Team Stream gig this weekend as a one-time gig following his resignation from FOX Sports:

You know that iconic March Madness staple after the championship "One Shining Moment" that's been sung most notably by the late Luther Vandross? Turner's getting it a makeover for its 30th anniversary with Grammy winner NE-YO performing it on the TNT and TruTV's airings but not on TBS, which will still use Vandross' vocals. I wonder why? Composer David Barrett, Teddy Pendergrass, and Jennifer Hudson all sang it too but in the latter, people didn't liked hers:

How CBS Sports and Turner Sports will present studio programming coverage of the Final Four this weekend in Houston starting at 2pm US/Canada CT Saturday:

Canada's TSN's complete coverage of March Madness featuring its Canadian playing contingent like Kitchener's Jamal Murray, Mississauga's Dillon Brooks, and Montreal's Chris Boucher, mostly on TSN 3-5:

This Indiana high school student named Rebecca Gentry--not a basketball fan, mind you, in a state where basketball is huge--puts many of us bracketers to shame with her missing only two picks. She's got a couple more to go this weekend:

My pick with Kansas out is North Carolina to cut down the nets:
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All I gotta say about last night's NCAA national championship game in Houston is WOW!! This was a really more like an instant classic heavyweight match that we've been craving for a while, especially in the last several minutes of the second half. Culminating in Marcus Paige's incredible shot and Chris Jenkins' championship tournament-winning shot. Too bad it didn't get to overtime but oh well.

Will fill this very post up soon with a lot and in another post. But for now...

Final minutes of the championship game:

The Villanova Team Stream reaction on TruTV:

North Carolina's Team Stream reaction on TNT:
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I may get to finalized NCAA Tournament/NIT/VEGAS 16/CBI/CollegeInsider results and my thoughts on the season tomorrow, but more than likely next week, where I will have more time.

On December 10, UNLV will play against Duke at the newly-opened 18,500-20,000-seat T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, which is expected to have a NHL ice hockey expansion as a primary tenant by 2017. It will be homecoming of sorts for a couple Duke players. Next year, the Pac-12 will move its conference basketball tournament crosstown from the MGM Grand Hotel Arena to the T-Mobile Arena for three years up to 2019. The T-Mobile has greater seating capacity, luxury boxes, and club seating the MGM Grand lacks. Certainly keep an eye for future NCAA Tournament dates, men or women, in the years to come at the new venue:
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Syracuse Orangeman legend Dwayne "Pearl" Washington dies at 52 yesterday from brain cancer. He ruled at a time when the Big East was the undisputed top conference in college basketball in the 1980s. Played as one of the original members of the Miami Heat 1988-89 but didn't click there after things didn't work in New Jersey, the team he got drafted to in that star-crossed 1986 NBA Draft. Then in the CBA with the San Jose Jammers for one season. He was slow as a pro, particularly on defense. By his own admission, he couldn't commit to the same work to become improved as a pro, also in shooting and keeping his weight down. Also remember he endured a seizure and had surgery, which is why you would see his surgical car in later years:

52 is too young to die.

Villanova basketball gets a $223 million gift from hedge fund manager alum to needed renovations for its glorified YMCA building:
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After a tumultuous four-year period that saw over 80 Division 1 schools shift conferences--some more than once like with a newly realigned Big East following the split--things settled down with only one school is moving with the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers going to the Sun Belt next season from the Big South.

Also no new schools upgrading into D1 from D2 again this upcoming season.

Two schools, both HBCUs, are now ineligible from the 2016-17 NCAA postseason due to Academic Progress Rate sanctions: Alcorn St. Braves and Savannah St. Tigers.

Cal ditches the Swoosh for Under Armour in a 10-year deal:



Thursday, March 24
Kansas 79 Maryland 63
Oregon 82 Duke 68
Villanova 92 Miami (FL) 69
Oklahoma 77 Texas A&M 63

Friday, March 25
North Carolina 101 Indiana 86
Virginia 84 Iowa St. 71
Notre Dame 61 Wisconsin 56
Syracuse 63 Gonzaga 60

Saturday, March 26

Villanova 64 Kansas 59--South Region
Oklahoma 80 Oregon 68--West Region

Sunday, March 27
North Carolina 88 Notre Dame 74--East Region
Syracuse 68 Virginia 62--Midwest Region


Saturday, April 2--National Semifinals
Villanova 95 Oklahoma 51
North Carolina 83 Syracuse 66

Monday, April 4

Villanova 77 North Carolina 74


2016 NIT

#1 Monmouth 90 #8 Bucknell 80
#4 George Washington 82 #5 Hofstra 80
#2 Florida 97 #7 North Florida 68
#3 Ohio St. 72 #6 Akron 63

#8 Wagner 79 #1 St. Bonaventure 75
#4 Creighton 72 #5 Alabama 54
#2 BYU 97 #7 UAB 79
#3 Virginia Tech 86* #6 Princeton 81

#1 South Carolina 88 #8 High Point 66
#4 Georgia Tech 81 #5 Houston 62
#2 San Diego St. 79 #7 IPFW 55
#3 Washington 107 #6 Long Beach St. 102

#1 Valparaiso 84 #8 Texas Southern 73
#4 Florida St. 84 #5 Davidson 74
#2 St. Mary's (CA) 58 #7 New Mexico St. 56
#3 Georgia 93 #6 Belmont 84

George Washington 87 Monmouth 71
Florida 74 Ohio St. 66
George Washington 82 Florida 77
Creighton 87 Wagner 54
BYU 80 Virginia Tech 77
BYU 88 Creighton 82
Georgia Tech 83 South Carolina 66
San Diego St. 93 Washington 78
San Diego St. 72 Georgia Tech 56
Valparaiso 81 Florida St. 69
St. Mary's 77 Georgia 65
Valparaiso 60 St. Mary's 44


Semifinals--March 29

Valparaiso 72 BYU 70
George Washington 65 San Diego St. 46

NIT FINAL--March 31
George Washington 76 Valparaiso 60


2016 CBI

First round
March 15
Morehead St. 84 Siena 80 2,061

March 16
Ohio 94 Albany 90 OT 3,034
Duquesne 120 Nebraska–Omaha 112 609
UNC Greensboro 69 Houston Baptist 65 ESPN3 1,031
Vermont 79 Western Carolina 74 1,486
Eastern Washington 79 Pepperdine 72 1,518
Seattle 68 Idaho 63 999
Nevada-Reno 79 Montana 75 4,524

March 21
Morehead State 82 Duquesne 72 1,387
Ohio 72 UNC-Greensboro 67 3,567
Nevada-Reno 85 Eastern Washington 70 6,053
Vermont 73 Seattle 54 999

March 23
Morehead St. 77 Ohio 72 3,712
Nevada-Reno 86 Vermont 72 6,133

CBI Championship series--all on ESPNU
March 28 7:30 pm
Nevada-Reno 83 at Morehead St. 86 4,187

March 30 8:00 pm
Morehead St. 68 at Nevada-Reno 77 7,431

April 1 8:00 pm
Morehead St. 82 at Nevada-Reno 85 OT 9,043



March 14-16

Jackson St. 81, Sam Houston St. 77 OT
Grand Canyon 78, South Carolina St. 74 (McLendon Classic)
Most Valuable Player: Grandy Glaze (Grand Canyon)

Coastal Carolina 65, Mercer 57
Furman 58, NE Louisiana 57
Ball St. 78, Tennessee St. 73 (2 OT)

Texas-Arlington 75, Savannah St. 59
Boston University 69, Fordham 66
Columbia 86, Norfolk St. 54
New Hampshire 77, Fairfield 62
Tennessee-Martin 76, Central Michigan 73
NJIT 79, Army 65
UC-Irvine 89, North Dakota 86 (OT)
SW Louisiana 96, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi 72

March 17-21

Grand Canyon 64, Jackson St. 54

SW Louisiana 80, Furman 72
Coastal Carolina 71, New Hampshire 62

Ball St. 83, Tennessee-Martin 80 OT

NJIT 83, Boston University 72

MARCH 23-24

Coastal Carolina 60, Grand Canyon 58
Columbia 69, Ball St. 67
UC-Irvine 67, SW Louisiana 66

NJIT 63, Texas-Arlington 60

Columbia 80, NJIT 65
UC-Irvine 66, Coastal Carolina 47

Columbia 73, UC-Irvine 67


2016 VEGAS 16

Quarterfinals--Monday, March 28 (all games on CBS Sports Network)
1. Tennessee Tech 59 Old Dominion 75 CBSSN
2. UC-Santa Barbara 70 Northern Illinois 63
3. Oakland 90 Towson St. 72
4. Louisiana Tech 83 East Tennessee St. 88

Semifinals – Tuesday, March 29
5. Old Dominion 64 UC-Santa Barbara 49
6. Oakland 104 East Tennessee St. 81

VEGAS 16 Championship – Wednesday, March 30
7. Old Dominion 68 Oakland 67

Jusqui'ici tout va bien...
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