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Wanted to know how Lester Strong is going. He has been the import for my clubs' ABA team down here for the past couple of seasons
Originally Posted by Southern Joe
... Poida is pretty much a basketball purist ...
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Default Lester Strong

Poida, I'll find out how Lester is doing and make a post tomorrow. I know Lester from his days at Metro State (playing for Mike Dunlap and with Mark Worthington). I should hear from my people with the Frost Heaves first thing tomorrow morning, Vancouver time.
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Thanks mate! Much appreciated
Originally Posted by Southern Joe
... Poida is pretty much a basketball purist ...
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Default ABA - Lester Strong

Okay, the Lester Strong update...

Lester was playing very well, rebounding and providing solid defense but unfortunately broke his hand in mid-December. He is still with the team and going through rehab but will not be able to play until at least February. It sounds like he still still making a nice "leadership" contribution in the room with his positive attitude.

If I hear anything else, I'll let you know.
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Thanks alot mate! He probably broke it throwing down one of his powerful dunks
Originally Posted by Southern Joe
... Poida is pretty much a basketball purist ...
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I almost attended a St. Louis Stunners ABA home game almost two weeks ago on a Saturday night when I had a day off. The game versus the Anderson Champions was held at Forest Park Community College Athletic Center Gymnasium, which was very easy for me to go to. But I didn't take advantage of that and went shopping instead. I hope to get another chance soon.

The ABA scores will return soon. But because there's a lot of teams to cover with. I will have to bring up the scores in two separate blocks, which I will do next week now that I'm back from my winter layover.

The Montreal Matrix have finally won a game! HOORAY and HALLELUJAH!!!! If there was one precious wish for the Matrix and their fans this past Christmas it was a win. And they got it with their new ownership installed beating the Newark Express 113-94 in front of a delighted home crowd at the Pierre Charbonneau Centre. Shawn Browne led Montreal with 28 points while Bobby Miller and Damon Jones each scored 19 on Christmas Eve eve. The Matrix since won again narrowly beating the Cape Cod Frenzy 87-85 on January 13. Quebec City Kebs coach Pacal Jobin doubled as a consultant for the incoming ownership group.

Little segue more into ABA Canada. The upcoming ABA All-Star Weekend in Halifax, Nova Scotia on Sunday, January 28th is shaping up to be something special. It will, as I would expect, be the time and place for the Halifax Rainmen logo brought out to the public. Last season, half a dozen NBA scouts attended the All-Star Classic in Miami. However, ticket sales for the All-Star Weekend in Halifax at the Halifax MetroCentre, which includes the Atlantic East men's basketball regular season St. Francis Xavier-Dalhousie and St. Mary's-Memorial matchups, the 3-Point Shootout, the Slam Dunk Contest, and a Hedley-headlined rock concert, has been slow for it. The Rainmen ownership, stated by Jadranka Crgonorac, is footing C$250,000 for the extravaganza. She hoped for a sell-out. There still could be. On the Rainmen front, they have the advantage of the old WBL/NBL's Halifax Windjammers as they build a fan base when it comes to Halifax pro basketball. Rainmen players could be well-known to the community as the Windjammers' Willie Bland did in the 90s. The WBL held its All-Star game in Halifax in 1991, and it was a sellout. Rainmen's ownership should be wise in listening to the Windjammers' old owner on how to run an ABA franchise and cultivate Halifax's love for basketball even further--(by Alex J. Walling)
And Chris Cochrane (with Vermont's Alexander Wolff):

The 2007 ABA All-Star Game has announced their coaches for Halifax:
ABA West All-Star Head Coach: Bob Hoffman (NW Arkansas Aeros)
ABA West All-Star Assistant Coach: Chris Terrell (Texas Tycoons)
ABA West All-Star Assistant Coach: Larry Mackenzie (Minnesota Ripknees)

ABA East All-Star Head Coach: Will Voigt (Vermont Frost Heaves)
ABA East All-Star Assistant Coach: Rod Baker (Rochester RazorSharks)
ABA East All-Star Assistant Coach: Steve Tucker (Jacksonville Jam)
Coaches were selected by their team's power ranking as of the first Saturday of January. Voigt had already started selecting players for the East team last Tuesday.

Players selected:
Jamal Staten G Minnesota Ripknees
Sun Yue F Beijing Aoshen Olympic
Cardell Butler San Diego Wildcats
Mike Parker Bellingham Slam
Bobby Anderson Peoria Kings
Jeremy Bell Arkansas RiverCatz
Billy Knight Hollywood Fame
Curtis Haywood NW Arkansas Aeros
Chris Brown Tennessee Mudfrogs
Tyrone Davis Mississippi Miracles
Terrell Hendricks Maywood Buzz
Donald Beachem Texas Tycoons

Rob Sanders F Cape Cod Frenzy
Antonio Burks Vermont Frost Heaves
Cordell Jeanty Quebec City Kebekwa
Alex Hill Orlando Aces
Gregory Plummer Strong Island Sound
Bobby St. Preux Palm Beach Imperials
Antonie Sims Buffalo Silverbacks
Jerry Williams Jacksonville Jam
Cedric McGinnis Wilmington Sea Dawgs
James Reaves Rochester RazorSharks
Drew Washington Maryland Nighthawks
Kantu Davis Detroit Panthers
Zakee Boyd Newark Express

Look for this to be a high-scoring affair at the Halifax Metro Centre coming from the creme de la creme of ABA talent, surely to impress the lovers of basketball in Halifax. The ABA All-Star Weekend will be podcasted for the first time worldwide through AdValiant and Jazzmedia and on your cell (mobile) phone. The game will be seen nationally in Canada on The Score. More info can be found from Frozen Hoops:

You can recap last year's ABA All-Star game in Sunrise, Florida at the BankAtlantic Center here at

Ottawa officially will play in the ABA next season. Making it five Canadian ABA teams, all in the eastern part of the country including the capital.

The Hollywood Fame continues to make splashes in the ABA. Another notable former NBA head coach has joined the Hollywood Fame as an assistant. And he too has strong Los Angeles basketball ties and no stranger to the new ABA (Los Angeles Stars in 2000). Phoenix Mercury coach Paul Westhead will inject his high-octane "Paul Ball" to the Fame for head coach Don Casey and his stingy defensive philosophies. Westhead thinks it's a nice WNBA offseason job. Surely, the two knew of and were friendly to each other for years. I thought for a moment he was going to be the Fame coach, but I think that will act as a conflict of interest. On Boxing Day Bryon Russell joins the Hollywood Fame. The Fame is 7-4.

Ever wondered about The Brooklyn Wonders since they last played in December? Owner Leigh Sutton sold the Wonders to Daisy Brand (Elton's mother) who renamed it the Brooklyn Comets with her other son Artie installed Artie as general manager. The Wonders/Comets resumed play on January 12.

Knoxville Noise have left the ABA, but not for the reasons you may think. Word is the Noise will join the WBA as they focus on the transition to it for the upcoming WBA spring/summer season--since confirmed. This makes another Tennessee-based basketball named the Noise to stop playing in a league since the ABL's (women) Nashville Noise ceased operations with the rest of the league in 1998. In its place for the rest of the season is another Georgia-based team. A team that was a phantom ABA team a couple of years back: The Georgia Gwizzlies. I recall they left as the Gwinnett Gwizzlies, based in the Atlanta suburb, when there was fear of the name would get them sued by the NBA and moved to the WBA. Home games are in Covington, Georgia and will take all of the Noise's records.

The Toledo Royal Knights MySpace page:
Steve Corrgens is the coach for them with Anthony Yacey as his assistant. We already got ABA teams named the Knights. Why add another one?

Two old ABA areas are back for next season. Long Beach, the original home of the Long Beach Jam before moving up the Cali coast to Bakersfield, will return after a two-year break with a new team named the Long Beach Storm owned by Nicole Wainwright, an owner of both an entertainment consulting company and a business consulting company dealing with startup businesses ( ) With that, the Storm held cheerleader tryouts. The Kentucky Colonels will return next season but instead of playing in Louisville, home games will be be in Murray, Kentucky (home of Murray St. University). This, I think, will be the last chance effort to revitilize a name and team that meant a lot in the seventies. Former Murray St. women's assistant and Kennesaw St. men's coach Kevin Walters is their new coach. His strength, Walters says, is player development in developing their skills for NBA-ready. He also states that his goal is to have the Colonels competitive and strong enough for the ABA title in its first season. Team is owned by Kentucky Colonels LLC owned by businessman Steve Van Waes.

Anthony Lacey is the San Diego Wildcats new owner. He has been talking to San Diego Owner Jerry Sanders on having Wildcats home games at San Diego St. Aztecs' old stomping grounds the Golden Hall. The Wildcats are among the more successful ABA teams out there with an entertaining style of play and ranking near the top in the ABA Power Rankings--and getting stronger as word of good mouth of them spreads.

Tijuana Dragones had to change their coach when Joao da Costa decided to return to his native Seattle. It seems Da Costa was upset with the progressive weakening of the Dragones roster and his pleas to sign a few new players were met with deaf ears. To replace Da Costa, owner Carlos Atilano announced Jerry Farmer to succeed Da Costa.

More ABA news and (hopefully) some scores will come tommorow including some stuff regarding the defending champs Rochester RazorSharks.
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The Rochester RazorSharks, already one of the more stable and model ABA franchises, are among the hottest teams in the league by eight of their last nine game with their only recent loss was to the Detroit Panthers on the road. In addition, the RazorSharks won their 24th straight home game at the Blue Cross Arena, setting a new Rochester professional basketball record that was set by the old CBA Rochester Zeniths and the NBA's Rochester Royals (now the Sacramento Kings) both with 23 each. All with a team record-setting and history-appreciative 7858 fans in attendance on December 28. They are gradually expanding their fan base, which should only get bigger with more winning. Rochester already has a very strong rep as a supportable minor-league sports city with success from the long-standing AHL's Americans, USL's the Raging Rhinos, the NLL's Knighthawks, CIFL's Raiders, MLL's Rattlers, and Triple AAA's Redwings. Can the RazorSharks repeat their 30-4 record last season? Maybe not--competition is better now than last season. They certainly can win the ABA title again. But they aren't quite as strong as they were when they won. ... 007/SPORTS ... 007/SPORTS

Speaking of hot streaks, there is a pro basketball team in Miami that is heating things up on the court. No it's not the Heat, who are currently fighting for a Eastern Conference playoff spot. It's their small scale bretheren in the ABA, the Miami Tropics. Not surprisingly, not many people have heard of them there. When talented players became available, the Tropics roster gets "tweaked". That tweaking got them to 13-4 right now, seventh in the ABA Power Rankings.

Up the road in Palm Beach, coach Lamont Carr has left the Imperials. Turkish assistant coach Serhat Sehit got promoted in his place. Anthony Slater, Bobby Brown, and Levaseyia Freeman were added to the roster while Nick Wallery, Courtney Pritchard, Courtney James, and Lincoln Glass were waived to make room.

Atlanta Vision signs Daniel Artest, Ron's brother, today after he was cut by the CBA's Yakima Sun Kings in an attempt to boost their front court depth.

Because the unusual name was very unpopular to many of its fans and players alike, the Houston Undertakers (originally the Houston Havoc when entered the ABA and named themselves the Undertakers after WWE wrester The Undertaker Mark Calaway, a Houston native) decided to simply rename themselves the Houston Takers (as in "to take some games from the division leaders"). Owner Larry Leonard II says the Undertakers name was intended to draw attention to the new Houston pro basketball team but admitted it attracted the wrong kind of attention.

Will ABA teams ever learn about this? the Twin City Ballerz have moved in midseason to Gary, Indiana to become the Gary Giants.
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Some little ABA stuff before the big one tomorrow:

The Montreal Matrix's new name is now the Montreal Royal, as it was announced late last week. Makes sense on several levels. Montreal is the combined French word after all for Mount Royal, named by explorer Jacques Cartier upon visiting the island. Also, it is also a tribute to the old Montreal Royals, a Brooklyn Dodgers farm baseball team famous for having Jackie Robinson play there before the historic callup. There actually is a smalltime baseball club with that name in a Canada-only baseball league. But I still think the Matrix name should've been kept, and I think it's cooler and more finesse. Anyway, they won a couple more game since installing new ownership. Henceforth, I will refer to the Montreal team as the Montreal Matrix/Royal. Flash was better. In their first not as Matrix, they wore blue unis that only read Montreal across their chests.

It appears the Anderson Champions have ceased operations, having cancelled six consecutive games. I knew that once the CBA's Indiana Alley Cats would call Anderson High and Anderson University home by moving into the Champions terrain, the Champions were going to be done. Despite what league officials say that they are "technically still in operation".

Sauk Valley Rollers will conduct their own ABA All-Star festivities while the big one is in Halifax. The Rollers will host on January 28 the "ABA Weekend Shootout" at the Westwood Sports Center in Sterling, Illinois. It too will have its own slam-dunk contest and three-point shootout with players from the Rollers, Quad Cities RiverHawks, Chicago Rockstars, Peoria Kings, Minnesota Ripknees, and the Twin City Ballers/Gary Giants for an undisclosed cash prize for winners of both events. RiverHawks and Rollers owner Tom McGinn stated to the media that he's in negotiations with the NW Arkansas Aeros for a home-and-home series with them and McGinn's Rollers and RiverHawks in time for early February to take over the holes left by teams dropping like flies in the league.

Scores and other stuff will make their return tomorrow (...along with some attendance figures)
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One of the wackiness that is the ABA happens to be th attendance figures for games. I'd like to give you a nice sampling of the good, the bad, and of course without a doubt the ugly in that. Mind you the following is taken from an unofficial ABA site called from fans on the forums:

Minnesota @ Quad Cities: 300 fans
Las Vegas @ Gallup: 300 (first game), 150 (second game)
Vermont @ Quebec: 300
Montreal @ Cape Cod: 400-500
Rochester @ Strong Island:100
Brooklyn @ Strong Island: 200
Knoxville Noise in their early days of the season had up to 125-150 fans
Vermont @ Montreal: 200
Hollywood @ Las Vegas: 300
Bellingham @ King County: 75
One Quad Cities RiverHawks home game earlier in the season brought out 89 fans. Another home game had 286.
Wilmington had 1286 fans in one
Hollywood @ Bellingham: 1000 (first game), 850 (second game)
Hollywood @ Maywood: 100
Maryland @ Richmond: 125
Hollywood @ Big Valley: 40-50
3316 attended for a RazorSharks home game in early December.
Newark @ Richmond: 132
Strong Island @ Quebec City: 1200
Rochester @ Quebec City: 1300
Just under 1000 in Montreal for a recent game there
200 in Sauk Valley
(more will come, be very afraid)

Ann Iverson's Richmond Ballerz are about to become the latest casualty in the ABA this season. I'm sorry, you just cannot sustain a franchise in any team sport with that kind of attendance figures (as shown above). Where the hell was the promotion in media for it. You have the cred for being as AI's mom and his wealth, but where's the publicity aggression for the franchise and boost its talent?

Big Valley Shockwave will play at the Modesto Junior College Gym starting February 4 following the All-Star Game.

Anderson just wasn't big enough for two pro basketball teams no matter how much Indiana loves basketball. In a way, the Champions remind me of the old Anderson Packers from the NBL/NBA.

OK, the scores. I hope to get everything up to date next week. Because of this, I will do it in light blocks, just to get started here:

Monday, December 18
Beijing Aoshen Olympic 101 Fresno/Sacramento Heatwave 91
Jacksonville Jam 121 Palm Beach Imperials 114
Miami Tropics 152 Orlando Aces 96
Quad Cities Riverhawks 87 Hammond/Sauk Valley Rollers 86
Southern Alabama Bounce 128 Tennessee Mud Frogs 111
Richmond Ballerz 126 Wilmington Sea Dawgs 111

Tuesday, December 19
Palm Beach Imperials 125 Orlando Aces 106
Mississippi Miracles 135 Tennessee Mud Frogs 114

Wednesday, December 20
Orlando Aces 113 Palm Beach Imperials 111
Wilmington Sea Dawgs 115 Richmond Ballerz 109
Rochester RazorSharks 107 Buffalo Silverbacks 102
King County Royals 118 Tijuana Dragones 115

Happy Australia Day, mates!
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Thursday, December 21
Mississippi Miracles 108 Southern Alabama Bounce 103
Vermont Frost Heaves 103 Newark Express 90
Bellingham Slam 140 Tijuana Dragones 104
Miami Tropics 110 Palm Beach Imperials 103

Friday, December 22
Beijing Aoshen Olympian 113 Hollywood Fame 106
Strong Island Sound 111 Maryland Nighthawks 101
Fresno/Sacramento Heatwave 109 Maywood Buzz 105
Newark Express 105 Montreal Matrix 97
Jacksonville Jam 104 Orlando Aces 90
Quad Cities RiverHawks 101 Peoria Kings 92
Quebec City Kebekwa 88 Vermont Frost Heaves 87
Detroit Panthers 119 Hammond/Sauk Valley Rollers 113
NW Arkansas Aeros 115 St. Louis Stunners 101
Bellingham Slam 147 Tijuana Dragones 124

Saturday, December 23
Beijing Aoshen Olympians 117 Maywood Buzz 99
Rochester RazorSharks 122 Maryland Nighthawks 112
Montreal Matrix 113 Newark Express 94
Strong Island Sound 98 Quebec City Kebekwa 83
Hammond/Sauk Valley Rollers 149 Twin Cities Ballers 125
Peoria Kings 129 St. Louis Stunners 113
Texas Tycoons 105 Waco Wranglers 88
Detroit Panthers 128 Anderson Champions 111

Wednesday, December 27
Bellingham Slam 113 King County Royals 92
Miami Tropics 106 Palm Beach Imperials 91
Minnesota Ripknees 92 Quad Cities RiverHawks 79

Now that we're in the ABA All-Star Weekend, I don't understand why more players from the Minnesota Ripknees, Peoria Kings, Chicago Rockstars, Miamai Tropics, Palm Beach Imperials, and Quad Cities RiverHawks were added--even as alternates. My belief is the coaches and the ABA brass want to put on an entertaining show for the Halifax residents on Sunday. I'll post on the festivities along with more belated ABA scores after the weekend is over. Todd Day of the NW Arkansas Aeros was just added to the ABA All-Star Game for the West.

Here's some stuff about Halifax and of the Rainmen leading up to the ABA All-Star Weekend.
This one above deals with the mutual ignorance of Halifax and the ABA players
A profile on Detroit native and Halifax Rainmen co-owner Andre Levingston
Hopefully the Rainmen logo will appear this weekend.
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Uh-oh, some disturbing things are going on for the much-hyped Hollywood Fame. Financial constraints affected the team in the last months, forcing important changes in the technical staff and personnel. Mike Casey, the Fame VP of Operations, coach Don Casey, and star player Jamison Brewer have all left. Rumours abound that the owners will dock their players pay. No wonder why the Fame had no All-Stars in Halifax over the weekend. The Fame may be gone soon...

(if you go to, you'll see an exclusive brief interview with Mike Casey on the Fame's financial straits)

The Maryland Nighthawks will introduce on Wednesday the latest Chinese export to North American basketball, 7'9" C Sun Ming Ming.

Thursday, December 28
Rochester RazorSharks 92 Cape Cod Frenzy 88
Maywood Buzz 126 Tijuana Dragones 112
NW Arkansas Aeros 120 Mississippi Miracles 115
Quad Cities RiverHawks 85 Minnesota Ripknees 82
Hammond/Sauk Valley Rollers 162 Twin City Ballers 137

Friday, December 29
Buffalo Silverbacks 118 Cape Cod Frenzy 110
Miami Tropics 117 Jacksonville Jam 110
Palm Beach Imperials 125 Orlando Aces 118
Hammond/Sauk Valley Rollers 101 Chicago Rockstars 94
Peoria Kings 143 Twin City Ballers 112
Texas Tycoons 140 Waco Wranglers 92

Saturday, December 30
Vermont Frost Heaves 107 Cape Cod Frenzy 102
NW Arkansas Aeros 149 Houston Takers 127
Bellingham Slam 130 King County Royals 112
Mississippi Miracles 111 Arkansas RiverCatz 102
San Diego Wildcats 117 Tijuana Dragones 112
Peoria Kings 102 Hammond/Sauk Valley Rollers 89
St. Louis Stunners 130 Twin City Ballers 122
Buffalo Silverbacks 110 Quebec City Kebekwa 98

Sunday, December 31
Vermont Frost Heaves 119 Cape Cod Frenzy 113
Rochester RazorSharks 119 Quebec City Kebekwa 93
Tennessee Mud Frogs 106 Southern Alabama Bounce 104

Tuesday, January 2
Mississippi Miracle 139 Southern Alabama Bounce 123

Wednesday, January 3
Jacksonville Jam 122 Palm Beach Imperials 114
Southern Alabama Bounce 116 Tennessee Mud Frogs 113

Don't forget mates to visit and register yourself over to to download the 2007 ABA All-Star Weekend in Halifax on your iPod!

Next time I'll get into the Halifax All-Star festivities (with some ABA video and Halifax Rainmen updates) and more ABA scores.
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Thursday, January 4
NW Arkansas Aeros 129 Mississippi Miracles 102
Tijuana Dragones 98 Bellingham Slam 95
Arkansas RiverCatz 129 Monterrey Veneno 117
Minnesota Ripknees 128 Twin City Ballers 86
Vermont Frost Heaves 122 Cape Cod Frenzy 103

Friday, January 5
Fresno/Sacramento Heatwave 109 Bellingham Slam 107
Quad Cities RiverHawks 108 Chicago Rockstars 79
Big Valley Shockwave 92 King County Royals 87
Jacksonville Jam 100 Miami Tropics 86
Quebec City Kebekwa 110 Montreal Maatrix 87
Rochester RazorSharks 96 Buffalo Silverbacks 94
San Diego Wildcarts 106 Beijing Aoshen Olympian 96
Hammond/Sauk Valley Rollers 118 St. Louis Stunners 98
Strong Island Sound 119 Maryland Nighthawks 109
Atlanta Vision 106 Tennessee Mud Frogs 104
Peoria Kings 120 Twin Cities Ballers 110

Saturday, January 6
Bellingham Slam 110 Beijing Aoshen Olympians 104
Orlando Aces 101 Jacksonville Jam 99
Fresno/Sacramento Heatwave 117 King County Royals 104
Texas Tycoons 117 Monterey Veneno 115
Tennessee Mud Frogs 110 Atlanta Vision 106
Vermont Frost Heaves 96 Strong Island Sound 94

Sunday, January 7
Maryland Nighthawks 105 Wilmington Sea Dawgs 95
Miami Tropics 99 Southern Alabama Bounce 91
Hammond/Sauk Valley Rollers 114 Minnesota Ripknees 108
Cape Cod Frenzy 104 Newark Express 103
Quebec City Kebekwa 84 Montreal Matrix 72
Detroit Panthers 107 Rochester RazorSharks 98
Fresno/Sacramento Heatwave 94 King County Royals 87
Maywood Buzz 121 Gallup Outlaws 118
Palm Beach Imperials 107 Orlando Aces 94

Monday, December 8
Wilmington Sea Dawgs 118 Maryland Nighthawks 112
Gallup Outlaws 118 Maywood Buzz 91
Quad Cities RiverHawks 91 Minnesota Ripknees 90

Tuesday, January 9
Maywood Buzz 109 Hollywood Fame 104

Wednesday, January 10
Vermont Frost Heaves 92 Buffalo Silverbacks 90
Minnesota Ripknees 106 Detroit Panthers 93
Hammond/Sauk Valley Rollers 126 Peoria Kings 116
Mississippi Miracles 114 Houston Takers 111

Thursday, January 11
NW Arkansas Aeros 127 Arkansas RiverCatz 115
Detroit Panthers 126 Minnesota Ripknees 120
Rochester RazorSharks 103 Newark Express 70
Wilmington Sea Dawgs 107 Richmond Ballerz 105
Hollywood Fame 123 Fresno/Sacramento Heatwave 115
Texas Tycoons 127 Mississippi Miracles 123
Quad Cities RiverHawks 151 Twin City Ballers 101

Friday, January 12
Beijing Aoshen Olympians 113 Gallup Outlaws 107
Miami Tropics 119 Orlando Aces 96
Jacksonville Jam 128 Palm Beach Imperials 109
Quad Cities RiverHawks 91 Peoria Kings 88

Saturday, January 13
Rochester RazorSharks 113 Vermont Frost Heaves 110
Buffalo Silverbacks 152 Toledo Ice/Royal Knights 138
Peoria Kings 114 Chicago Rockstars 111
King County Royals 101 Bellingham Slam 83
Beijing Aoshen Olympians 118 Maywood Buzz 112
Mississippi Miracle 120 Houston Takers 106
Montreal Matrix 87 Cape Cod Frenzy 85
San Diego Wildcats 84 Tijuana Dragones 83
Monterey Veneno 156 Southern Alabama Bounce 107
Strong Island Sound 112 Newark Express 99
Arkansas RiverCatz 147 Texas Tycoons 129
Maryland Nighthawks 114 Wilmington Sea Dawgs 107

Sunday, January 14
Maywood Buzz 148 Big Valley Shockwave 117
San Diego Wildcats 117 Tijuana Dragones 92
Maryland Nighthawks 118 Newark Express 103
Monterey Veneno 114 Southern Alabama Bounce 106

Monday, January 15
Hollywood Fame 151 Tijuana Dragones 118
Maryland Nighthawks 119 Newark Express 110
Rochester RazorSharks 120 Cape Cod Frenzy 100
Miami Tropics 112 Jacksonville Jam 101

Tuesday, January 16
Bellingham Slam 112 Maywood Buzz 103
Miami Tropics 144 Orlando Aces 91
Wilmington Sea Dawgs 97 Tennessee Mud Frogs 88
Beijing Aoshen Olympian 166 Tijuana Dragones 120

Wednesday, January 17
Jacksonville Jam 102 Palm Beach Imperials 90
Maywood Buzz 117 King County Royals 114
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More on the Sun rising on the Ming dynasty. He already played US pro ball with the USBL's Dodge City Legend last year. Sun had a decent debut for the Maryland Nighthawks in a 115-110 win over the Strong Island Sound. He scored eight points, hauled four rebounds, and blocked three shots in almost 21 minutes of play last week. Sun will appear on NBC's Today show Friday morning.

It looks as though I will eventually attend my first ABA game here locally as I hoped. I have an off night on Friday, which is when the St. Louis Stunners will play at home against the Sauk Valley Rollers. I'm looking forward to my first (and quite possibly my only) in-person ABA experience. I'll write my thoughts on that experience on my next ABA post next week. Gonna be very interesting with the game starting at 7:05pm US Central time at Forest Park Community College. The Stunners are 5-11.

One thing that was lost during the Halifax ABA All-Star weekend was the debut of the red, white, and blue ABA basketballs manufactured by Spalding. Yes, Spalding. Makers of the infamous NBA basketball that was such a flop. Is there a conflict of interest brewing if the NBA found out about it? See for yourself.

Speaking of the Halifax 2007 ABA All-Star Game, I will actually get to that next week too.

Still haven't seen the Halifax Rainmen logo. But they now got a mascot named Thunder and dance teams called the Weathergirls.

See the blah new logo for the Montreal Matrix/Royal:
Flash, my pick, finished third behind Royal and Phenix.

Now 20-4, the Vermont Frost Heaves have signed the most notable Vermont basketball player: the father of former Vermont Catamount star Taylor Coppenrath, state senator George. They also added NCAA DIII alltime shot-blocker Antoine Hyman. Now they face an unfamiliar but talented opponent (to the Frost Heaves in terms of outside their division) in the form of the Bellingham Slam. They were supposed to play the Hollywood Fame tonight but issues involving their East Coast travel costs proved too much for the league to cover. Also a scrimmage game involving state legislatures will occur then.

Speaking of the Fame, the Casey family may be out but team is still alive and well. Bryon Russell is still with the team, and the team has signed a couple of players.

Kenny Battle is out as coach of the Sauk Valley Rollers. Assistant David Knickelbein will coach for the rest of the season. In another ABA head coaching change, Gerry Corcoran takes over from Dr. Keith Clark, who resigned to pursue other interests.

More ABA teams are dropping like flies: Chicago Rockstars regretfully announced on their website that they were shutting down operations and cancelling the remainder of their games. I think they were later to be called the Aurora Force. Anyway, it's a shame that the Rockstars couldn't get more attention despite making a local TV commercial appearance in hopes of getting the word out. The Toledo Royal Knights finally gave up the ghost after failing to find local and financial support less than one month after playing their first game.

The NW Arkansas Aeros and the Arkansas RiverCatz have apparently merged for the remainder of the season, but not exactly by choice. When the RiverCatz ceased operations on Monday, the players were forced out of the Royal Arkansas Hotel and Suites in Pine Bluff, which housed them since September. The RiverCatz were supposed to play the Texas Tycoons this week. The two Arkansas owners decided to pool their players and absorb the top RiverCatz players. Additional players could be retained. Right now, the team will be called the Arkansas Aeros with Bob Hoffman retaining his head coaching job and former RiverCatz coach Ed Corporal as additional assistant. Personally, I think Arkansas was better off with just one ABA team in the state. The Aeros are already one of the best teams in the ABA, though the RiverCatz weren't slouches with their record at 12-7.

Texas Tycoons, another one of those better franchises, look set to break franchise record for wins with 18 against the Houston Takers. Tycoons have announced they will play in the WBA this season and will still call Dallas' Mountain Valley College gym home for WBA games.

Aeros star Todd Day is seriously thinking about coaching after his final season playing basketball.

Scores will come next week. Plus some bizarre developments (if that NEVER happens in the ABA) regarding the league's leadership.
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A quick thing about the ABA right now. Been a while since I posted here on this subject.

The Richmond Ballerz, Big Valley Shockwave, Tennessee Mud Frogs, and the Miami Tropics have ceased operations for the usual reasons. More soon. Now the league has 38 active teams.

But that certainly has not stopped the ABA from adding new ones: new teams will pop up in Syracuse, Rochester (MN), and Oklahoma City.

Coming soon, I'll discuss my thoughts upon watching a couple of St. Louis Stunners ABA home games at Forest Park Community College. And I plan to conduct a couple of interviews with some ABA owners.

I'll restart things tomorrow. Including the 2007 Halifax All-Star Weekend.
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I apologize for the delay in my ABA report, but I'm here for some news that if you know about the ABA is not-really-so-shocking: The 25-2 Arkansas Aeros, one of the best teams in the ABA, have left the league. Apparently, the Aeros are displeased over the fact that, despite their top record, they are ranked 5th in the ABA Power Rankings, and that has effected how they are seeded in the playoffs and of their home games in them. After securing everything like media, advertising, and venue, they were told by the league they can't play there. What's more, the overall lack of direction by the league doesn't help matters.

Also, keep your eyes on the Vermont Frost Heaves, currently put "on hold" until a playoff date and venue are set.
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ABA is undergoing its 2007 playoffs. Actually the ABA championship is on its way in a matter of days. The battle will be between two of the model ABA franchises: Alexander Wolff's Vermont Frost Heaves and the Texas Tycoons. The title game will be at the Frost Heaves' home at Barre Auditorium tonight. How did we get there? Check out the 2007 ABA Playoffs results:

Wildcard round:
Quad Cities Riverhawks def. Sauk Valley Rollers 100-86
Wilmington Sea Dawgs def. Orlando Aces 119-103
Mississippi Miracles def. Waco Wranglers 131-119
Strong Island Sound def. Quebec City Kebekwa 108-97
Detroit Panthers def. Peoria Kings 134-125
San Diego Wildcats def. Gallup Outlaws 133-106
Hollywood Fame def. Maywood Buzz 143-124

Teams received wildcard byes:
Vermont Frost Heaves
Texas Tycoons
Jacksonville Jam
Rochester RazorSharks
Arkansas Aeros
Beijing Aoshen Olympic
Minnesota Ripknees
Buffalo Silverbacks
Bellingham Slam

As previously stated, the Arkansas Aeros opted not to participate in the 2007 ABA Playoffs over being upset that their ABA power ranking did not correspond to their stellar record (25-2). Consqeuently, the Aeros could not acquire home court advantage at the NW Arkansas Sports Center. More will come next week on this and other ABA details.

Vermont Frost Heaves 103 Strong Island Sound 75
Bellingham Slam 137 Hollywood Fame 103
Arkansas Aeros-Mississippi Miracles (forfeit--Mississippi advances)
Rochester RazorSharks-Wilmington Sea Dawgs (forfeit--Wilmington advances)
Texas Tycoons-Detroit Panthers (forfeit--Texas advances)
Minnesota Ripknees--Quad Cities RiverHawks (forfeit--Quad Cities advances)
Beijing Aoshen Olympic 100 San Diego Wildcats 97
Buffalo Silverbacks 100 Jacksonville Jam 91

The defending champions Rochester RazorSharks decided to pull out of the ABA playoffs due to "confusion in the playoff structure", and a scheduling conflict with the league and the Blue Cross Arena. Not having the defending champion to come and play to try to keep it smacks of deteriorating credibility and dysfunction for the ABA, whose playoff system is indeed confusing. FIVE DIFFERENT TOP TEAMS (Arkansas, Minnesota, Rochester, Detroit, and Miami) declining to participate in the playoffs is not what a sports league should go through, to say the least. It's never good at all! You become an absolute bush league joke in the eyes of sports fans everywhere. The fourth-ranked ABA team's defection angered Newman saying the "garbage" team "threw a wrench" in the whole playoffs. Owner and GM Ornest Hrywnak was displeased over the indecision and noncommitment from the league despite constant discussions. The RazorSharks finished 24-6 adding to make an alltime ABA record of 54-10 in their two seasons. Really this isn't a spur of the moment thing: the RazorSharks are the first team to sign up officially for the new Premier Basketball League, which will have teams in the US and Canada. Could some ABA teams join them?

Vermont Frost Heaves 119 Bellingham Slam 103
Wilmington Sea Dawgs 130 Mississippi Miracles 112
Texas Tycoons 125 Quad Cities Riverhawks 123
Beijing Aoshen Olympic 121 Buffalo Silverbacks 106

Vermont Frost Heaves 113 Wilmington Sea Dawgs 85
Texas Tycoons 126 Beijing Aoshen Olympic 114

More will come next week. Now the league is down to 36 existing franchises...

Go Vermont!
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Alexander Wolff's Vermont Frost Heaves are your 2006-07 ABA Champions. Vermont defeated the Texas Tycoons at home Thursday 143-95. More ABA details will come on my next post here.
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Before we continue to look back at the just-completed 2006-07 ABA season that was filled with some highs...and a lot of deeply credibilty-killing embarassing lows with stories and scores I missed posting (and more stuff like the Vermont Frost Heaves winning it all), I want to look forward to the ABA's 2007-08 season first with the roster of teams slated to play then (take it with a grain of massive salt as this is always subject to change from now) currently at 61:

Red Conference

Beijing Aoshen Olympic
Belllingham Slam
California Eagles
Gallup Outlaws
Henederson (NV)
Hollywood Fame
King County Royals
Las Vegas Venom
Long Beach Storm
Maywood Buzz
Orange County Gladiators
Phoenix Phantoms
Sacramento Heatwave
San Diego Wildcats
Tijuana Dragons

White Conference

Chicago Throwbacks
Corpus Christi
Detroit Panthers
Fayetteville Fantastics
Houston Takers
Kentucky Retros
Lawton (Oklahoma)
Minnesota Ripknees
Monterrey Venemo
Ohio Aviators
Oklahoma City
Peoria Kings
Quad Cities RiverHawks
Rio Grande Valley Silverados
Rochester (MN) Fire
Sauk Valley Rollers
St. Louis Stunners
Texas Tycoons
Twin City Ballers
Waco Wranglers

Blue Conference

Alexandria Wind Jammers
Atlanta Vision
Birmingham Magicians
Brooklyn Comets
Buffalo Silverbacks
Cape Cod Frenzy
Corning Bulldogs
Halifax Rainmen
Hampton Roads Ballerz
Jacksonville Jam
Maryland Nighthawks
Mississippi Miracles
Montreal Royal
Newark Express
Orlando Aces
Palm Beach Imperials
Quebec City Kebekwa
Reading (PA) Railers
Rome (GA) Knights
Southern Alabama Bounce
Strong Island Sound
Syracuse Bullies
Tennessee Mud Frogs
Vermont Frost Heaves
Wilmington Sea Dawgs

The 34-5 Vermont Frost Heaves never wavered from their game plans all season long, and they certainly didn't on championship night against the No. 3 seed Texas Tycoons. They matched up with them in terms of athleticism, even more so. Consquently, the Frost Heaves, Vermont's first pro basketball team, destroyed the Texas Tycoons 143-95 at their home court of the Barre Auditorium to a soldout loud crowd with the cowbells out in full force all throughout the game and their favo(u)rite Frost Heaves gear in happy delerium. A couple days later, a parade went through Seminary Hill and downtown Barre--the central business district--to the Barre Auditorium with fans lining up and with an open-to-all potluck supper afterwards to celebrate there. Even Barre's mayor, Thom Lauzon, who's a rabid supporter of the Frost Heaves and proclaimed them to be the best thing to happen for the people of Vermont and Barre with the franchise reps as great ambassadors, engaged in a friendly wager with Dallas' mayor Laura Miller "all in good fun". Since Vermont won, Miller will have to send something to the good people of Barre. I'll find out later. Did anyone win the halftime shootout? I'm too lazy to type all of those websites pertaining to the Frost Heaves, but I can leave you with some links that will cover a lot of your Frost Heaves needs. ... y=SPORTS02
(Barre Montpellier Times-Argus' hub for the Frost Heaves)
(Vermont's unofficial fan website--can also nominate and vote players from the team for excellence this season--with links to articles and videos)

I can't leave you without thanking Alexander Wolff in his vision of bringing a pro basketball team to the state he lives. Thank you Alexander for winning the ABA title with your team! Thank you Alexander for keeping a use for intimate facilities that you loove when watching basketball games. Thank you Alexander for bringing credibility to this league! Thank you Alexander for showing HOW to run an ABA franchise effectively all season long without any problems! I can't leave this without having him say the last word so take it away, Alexander! Maybe you'll write a book about it!
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Apparently, Chicago is getting ANOTHER ABA franchise. And this one is taking a page from Chivas Deportivo Guadalajara, one of the top Mexican soccer clubs. The Cometas De Quaretaro, from the Mexico's LNBP, will have a US division team based in Chi-Town next season, and it's supposedly intended to target Chicago's large Hispanic population, many of whom Mexican.

I would not be surprised at all if the new Premier Basketball League starts poaching teams already slated to be in the ABA like the Rochester RazorSharks. This league is supposed to have teams in both the US and Canada.
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Could someone please tell me how john Bryant played in the ABA I no he played for vermont.
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Las Vegas' ABA entry at the start of next season will not be called the Venom but rather the Las Vegas Lights. Its logo is taken from the famous "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign.

The fledging Premier Basketball League officially announced its first batch of teams. Rochester is joined by the Maryland Nighthawks, another one of those well-run ABA teams. Again, don't be surprised if this league takes away more teams from the ABA.

Long Beach Storm, under new ownership, has changed its name to the Long Beach Breakers.

Kentucky changed its name from Colonels to Retros in deference to the tradition of both teams.

Mississuagua Red Wolves announced to call themselves the Ontario Red Wolves after all to rep the entire province in their name. Will be based in Mississuagua.

Halifax Rainmen has their logo up and running. Here it is:

Despite losing the Ann Iverson-owned Ballerz, Richmond will get another ABA team. Name TBA. Speaking of the Ballerz, they are still in the state of Virginia but will now call the Hampton Roads (specifically Norfolk) region home to be closer to Ann Iverson. Its name may change but could continue to call themselves the Ballerz informally. Hampton Roads was supposed to have an ABA team called the Titans back in 2000, but they never got a chance to play due to ownership and arena issues.

Alexandria, Providence, Birmingham, Ohio Aviators, Lawton, Corpus Christi, and the California Eagles will begin play in 2008.
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I like the previous logo for the Mississuagua Red Wolves--more stylish. The Ontario version just doesn't work for me.

The Anderson Champions are expected to be back for next season and got reinstated following a few teams defecting to other leagues and some waiting until 2008. ... pions2.PNG

Miami Tropics went back to being a traveling team after leaving the ABA.

Buffalo's Modie Cox won the ABA 2006-07 Community Service Award.
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I just checked out the new-look Premiere Basketball League's website. I noticed on the map of inaugural teams along with Rochester and Maryland, teams are to placed in what seems to be Ottawa, Minnesota, Jacksonville, Chicago (PBL's headquarters), San Diego, Wilmington, St. Louis, Arkansas, Montreal/Quebec City, Fresno, and Des Moines with a few more to go for 16 teams. Expansion teams are planned for Hartford, Ft. Worth, Oklahoma City, and Las Vegas in 2008.

Macon, Georgia will field an ABA team and it will be called the Georgia Gwizzlies from calling the suburban Atlanta area of Gwinnett home. This team has actually sometime to get an opportunity to play in the ABA. It did play a little bit last season filling in for a dropped team. Before then, it played in the lower level SBL. Macon Centerplex will serve as its home.

Sam Smith was named the Houston Takers' new head coach. Lee Hardy was promoted to VP of Basketball Operations and Roy Willis President of Basketball Operations.

Orange County Gladiators hired Lee Joffe as its first head coach, and they found a home with Aliso Niguel High (but the Gladiators' ABA schedule will have to work around its school's basketball teams'). ... Id=Ar00900 &ViewMode=HTML

Other ABA Award winners--no surprise Vermont dominated the ABA awards
Executive of the Year--Felix Krupszynski, Jacksonville Jam
GM of the Year--Mike Healy, Vermont Frost Heaves
Coach of the Year--Will Voigt, Vermont Frost Heaves
Expansion Team of the Year--Vermont Frost Heaves
Lifetime Achievement of the Year--Tom Chichester, referee
Special Recognition Award--Tom McGinn (Quad Cities Riverhawks), Ian McCarthy (Cape Cod Frenzy), Burrell Lee III (Maywood Buzz), Quentin and Akilah Townsend (Atlanta Vision), Tony Dominguez (Bellingham Slam)
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Add the Wilmington Sea Dawgs to the list of defectees to the Premier Basketball League.

The Waco Wranglers, Southern Alabama Bounce, and Twin City Ballers all decided to return for the 2008-09 season.
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Georgia Gwizzlies will participate in the Southern California Summer Pro League, now known as Nike California Summer Pro League.

GymRats from Japan are confirmed to play in a ABA Summer Pro League hosted by the Maywood Buzz. Two its players already played in the ABA for the past couple of seasons. A Filipino squad may join.

Kentucky Retros name Ron Greene, a former Murray St. coach, as its first head coach.

Jacksonville Jam announced Jax native and Director of Player Personnel Scott Cooper as head coach to replace Steve Tucker, who accepted the head coaching post for the expansionist Rio Grande Valley Silverados. Kevin Keathley, who coached the Kentucky Colonels to a 21-12 record in the 2004-2005 season, will serve as Tucker's assistant.

Sam Smith is the new coach for the Houston Takers.
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