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We're still in suspense over the new-look Minnesota Timberwolves Nike jersey look like. There's a NBA2K18 screenshot in this link showing in the new colo(u)r combo with the Nike swoosh and the FitBit ad along with the concept art. Looks convincing:

Mulling over the ideas of ads on Portland Trail Blazers jerseys next season. "Great conversations" with potential sponsors abound:

General overview on the progress of NBA teams placing ads and this current direction got to be this way with a study and the revenue-raising ads on the less scrutinized WNBA and NBDL teams' ad track record in terms of raising the global awareness. Several teams so far already hold "backyard sponsorships" and partnerships (Boston--GE, Toronto--Sun Life, Orlando--Disney, Cleveland--Goodyear, Brooklyn--Infor):

Guess these FloJo-inspired lovely Indiana Pacers jersey concepts would make enduring the upcoming Pacers rebuilding season less painful during the offseason for fans. Time for a change anyway from their current ones:

This same online graphic designer for the Pacers, Brian Begley, conducted the same for his mockup reimagination for the Orlando Magic under Nike:

Appears set for a 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend logo change that's more template now tr4ademarked in the US and in the EU from the original Disney Concert Hall look while still maintaining the two LA teams colo(u)rs as boundaries:
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Guess that the NBA Summer Leagues over, it perhaps means Adidas contract as far as NBA will be up as far as playing in them goes. Nike, now we know, will conduct its global NBA launch October 1. Guess what? Nike's gone pretentious with home, alternates, and awa--oops, I mean now Icon, Association, Athletes' Mindset, and Community as the four jerseys used by every NBA team. The first two styles will arrive by the start of the 2017-18 NBA season from the summer with the other core two coming later will arrive in the coming months. But we'll still call them those things home, road, alternates

And it was Sacramento and Golden St. that made theirs first known with the Nike swoosh on all jerseys on the left side. Sacramento's modifications are subtle but the crown logo, formerly present at the collar, now moves to the shorts' waistband. Moreover, Sacramento's piping on the collar and on the jersey's sides changed a bit including that Blue Diamond Almonds ad included.

As for the retros? This upcoming season, 8 NBA teams will wear Hardwood Classics editions ready for the fall. Complementing the new uniform editions, Nike will also unveil a new on-court collection, including tights and socks, that provide a seamless look for the greatest athletes in the world when they play on the game’s biggest stages.

Unis are made with a contribution from Alpha Yams, recycled polyester through PETE recycled bottles that helps for better moisture wicking, refining the Nike Aeroswift in the basketball chassis. For a single uniform, it takes 20 of these bottles to make one. Yes, it's definitely happening:

Paul Lukas of Uni Watch makes note of the Adidas and Nike Sac-Town Kings jersey comparisons. No more of that Adidas Revolution 30 mesh hole pattern with the Tech Fit and Climacool:

Meet the massive new Little Caesars Arena 5,100-square-foot scoreboard will be the largest in the NHL (and maybe NBA) by viewable area. More than 45 LED displays featuring more than 13,500+ square feet and 16.5+ million LEDs will be installed in and around the new arena before it opens in September:

Paul Pierce, having sentimentally signed his contract to retire as a Celtic, will get his jersey retired next season:

Surprise move: Leslie Alexander is putting up his profitable Houston Rockets and Clutch City Entertainment for sale today after 24 years, multiple championships, and an expanding global presence. Never expressed public interest in selling them.
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Paul Lukas offers additional thoughts on the NBA's Nike transition: Adidas' current NBA deal extends up until the end of the current WNBA season at September with the WNBA Finals and not the NBA Summer League, as previously assumed. But no NBA team so far, save for NBA champs Golden St. and its Pacific Division rivals Sacramento did yesterday, has yet to reveal them--GSW just displayed their home white with the swoosh. Nike and the NBA plan for a NBA global push sometime "in the fall", as we now know it'll be early October with jerseys that are more of modified template version of the numerous Nike international/college basketball teams the swoosh has under its stable. But that's cutting things close with the scheduling as the 2017-18 NBA season starts on October 17th with less time between Nike's NBA unveiling and the regular season tip-off. The NBA jersey ad patch is entirely voluntary, and some teams actually have difficulty in agreeing with prospective companies for the right price. In turn, many retail outlets will not that version with the ad. But from team retailers inside their arenas could.

NBA teams won't be required to wear white at home as much anymore, given the popularity of the alternates and Hardwood Classics over the years. They designate one jersey as their home one for that game with the visiting team must select a different and contrasting one from their collection leading to the rise of "colo(u)r on colo(u)r" clashes in a codified way that makes sporting the longstanding "white at home" (now the Association) more of a suggestion than steadfast protocol.

There's larger armholes and a "tweaked collar shape". We might see the short-sleeved jersey being on the way out too. Some teams will tweak their designs but many will likely stick with their existing looks or "making extremely minor changes" like with some teams (Warriors, Jazz, and Kings--GSW's has smaller numbers and revised collar, for example). As reported by Erik Horne, the Oklahoma City Thunder will ditch their "orange sunset OKC" jerseys. I happen to like them because it brought orange more prominent when it's part of the colo(u)r scheme. Perhaps it was a nice way to go out with Russell Westbrook's shot in Denver. Other NBA teams may get new uniforms later on. Speaking of minor tweaks, the new, modified NBA logo won't appear on on- court/practice gear until the 2018-19 season due to long-leading productions schedules:

9 NBA teams with ad patches so far:
Toronto Raptors--Sun Life
Boston Celtics--General Electric
Philadelphia 76ERS--Stub Hub
Minnesota Timberwolves--FitBit
Orlando Magic--Disney
Sacramento Kings--Blue Diamond Almonds
Utah Jazz--Qualtrics
Brooklyn Nets--Infor
Cleveland Cavaliers--Goodyear

According to sources Utah could release gold alternate jerseys as part of the four primary ones for next season. December will be the earliest it can be shown to the public. Hope this means the Jazz could troll some Utah-based Now Deservedly Crumbling Evil Laker Empire worshippers in the process when they play each other!

Where do the Houston Rockets' current array of their jerseys fit into the incoming Nike 4-jersey a season plans?

BTW, the Nets Infor ad originally shown in red upon the unveiling now will change to black that will make an overall better look:

More of Brian Begley's Nike NBA renderings for every NBA team except for Phoenix and the LA Clippers:
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James Harden is the NBA Live 18 cover boy, and it appears the new Nike-manufactured Houston Rockets have been leaked from the photo shoot with the side bands forming more of a semicircle instead of circling around the sleeves that Adidas allows:

Target Center renovations continues in Minneapolis during the Timberwolves offseason and the Lynx temporarily away in St. Paul for this summer:

PSL usage is unique in the NBA with only Toronto doing this at the Air Canada Centre. But soon the Golden St. Warriors are joining them with a planned 12,000 season tickets of them for the Chase Arena in San Francisco, less than the 14,500 at Oakland's Oracle Arena. I feel PSLs is like legalized extortion though:

And MSG, owners of the Forum, takes it out on city of Inglewood feeling threatened by the proposed Clippers arena as expected:
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