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Tvseven Anybody catch the old NBL promo on the AFL Footy Show last night?.

On the AFL Footy Show last nite, there was a little clip from channel7 in the olden days, with Bruce Mcavaney dancing around in front of Shane Heal (geelong), David Simmons (Tigers/mad Black uniforms they had), Dean Utoff (specters), Andrew Parkinson (westside melb.), Ray Borner (nth melb.), Greg Stokes (westside melb.), and lots more.

Did anyone record it?.

They played it a few times over different music throughout the show.

I think it was from around 1989.
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And when I put it down, oh yes I do IT,
And when I put it down, oh yep I do IT,
And when I put it down, oh yes I do IT."

Best lyrics ever. also the sound effects, especially the scratching, are just cool. It's like it was made in a ProStudio. $1.69 well spent.

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Yes I taped the footy show and I saw it this morning and thought who would have thought they would have used NBL players to advertise their sports show back then.
How times have changed.

Surprised James Brayshaw knew who Dean Utoff was.
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