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Hope you were reading about the buzz that the Hollywood Fame and Richmond Warriors have been getting lately since entering the ABA...

The 2006-07 ABA schedule is released. This is subject to change of course, as with anything associated with Crazy Joe Newman's league partly due to the demands to have teams play against the likes of the Fame and the Vermont Frost Heaves. Several teams have yet to have theirs complete.

There is a new ABA team in Anderson, Indiana. The small city was home to the NBL/NBA's Anderson Packers back in the late 1940s and folded after the NBL-BAA merger. It doesn't have a name yet, but I'll keep you posted on that development.

Here's the schedule:

Peoria's ABA entry finally has a name. They will be called the Peoria Kings (will they get any unfavo(u)rable attention from the NBA and the Sacramento Kings, both of whom could threaten legal action upon?)

Big Valley Shockwave introduce their new logo:
Notice the photos are from appreantly outtakes of the NJ Nets or Nike print ads featuring J-Kidd and Vince Carter, so please don't that twisted in thinking they'll come to the ABA.
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Anderson, Indiana's ABA team has a name. They will be called the Anderson Champions with Ray Tolbert running the show.

Speaking of names, Alexandria United decided to change its name so as not to come into conflict with the nearby Washington, DC United MLS soccer team, across the Potomac River. They are now the Alexandria Wind Jammers. The last time a noticed a basketball team called themselves the Windjammers was the WBL/NBL's Halifax Windjammers a little over a decade ago.

Quad Cities announced their new name: the Quad Cities Riverhawks. It's a tribute of sorts to the old NBL/NBA team they had when it was the Tri-Cities and it was the Blackhawks. That later became the Milwaukee Hawks, then the St. Louis Hawks to now the Atlanta Hawks. The Riverhawks will call Davenport, Iowa's MaryCrest College home. It even signed 6-1 swingman Joshaua English, the nephew of Denver Nugget legend Alex English.

Pittsburgh and that proposed Vancouver ABA franchise join San Jose and Charlotte in ABA defections. The Los Angeles Aftershock may already have.

Check out the trailer for Alexander Wolff's Vermont Frost Heaves:
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The Minneapolis-St. Paul Slamma Jamma now are actually to play this season and found new owners. They are now to be called the Minnesota Ripknees (don't ask me for now what that is...).

Here's the new divisional alignment for the 2006-07 ABA season according to Wikipedia. I knew that I should've waited until everything settled down than to the defections in from this league (may I remind you that it's still subject to change):

North Division
Bellingham Slam
Oregon Riptide
Yakima (not the Sun Kings)

Central Division
Beijing Aoshen Olympic (will play in Maywood, California)
Big Valley Shockwave
Carson Buzz
Fresno Heatwave
Hollywood Fame
Irvine/Long Beach (resurrection of the Jam?)
Palm Springs/San Bernadino (depends on arena deal to play)

South Division
Gallup Talons
Las Vegas Outlaws
Mexicali Sentinals
Monterrey Venemo
San Diego Wildcats
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Tijuana Dragons

North Division
Buffalo Silverbacks
Detroit Panthers
London, Ontario
Rochester RazorSharks
Toledo Ice

Central Division
Anderson Champions
Chicago Rockstars
Hammond Rollers
Minnesota Ripknees
Peoria Kings
Quad Cities River Hawks
St. Louis Stunners
Twin City Ballers

South Division
Arkansas Aeros
Little Rock Rivercatz
Houston Undertakers
Tennessee Mud Frogs
Texas Tycoons
Waco Wranglers


North Division
Brooklyn Wonders
Cape Cod Frenzy
Montreal Matrix
Newark Express
Quebec City Kebekwa
Strong Island Sound
Vermont Frost Heaves

Central Division
Alexandria Windjammers
Baltimore Pearls
Maryland Nighthawks
Norfolk Navigators
Richmond Warriors
Wilmington Sea Dawgs

South Division
Atlanta Vision
Jackson, Tennessee
Knoxville Noise
Mississippi Miracles
Southern Alabama Bounce
Southern Georgia 36ers

Florida Division
Jacksonville Jam
Miami Tropics
Orlando Orange Men
Palm Beach Imperials
Tampa Bay Strong Dogs

Pittsburgh Steelers QB Charlie Batch is now the new owner of the Detroit Panthers, formerly the Detroit Wheels. Ironically back in the early days of the NFL there was a Detroit NFL franchise called the Panthers, but they didn't last long.

Oh yes, John Salley was voted to be the ABA's Commissioner. More on that later...
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Albany will not have a team in the ABA. After all, they got the CBA Patroons.

Beijing Aoshen Olympian may actually play in Azusa, home of Azusa Pacific College, instead of the Maywood Community Center.

It all rests on whether San Bernadino's proposed ABA team will manage to have an arena deal now that Palm Springs is out.

The San Diego Wildcats are named after a local high school that has Wildcats as their nickname, El Camino. This is where Wildcats GM Tim Ovies was freshman boys' basketball coach and became friends with varsity coach Ray Johnson, who is caoching them with a stake in ownership while still coaching the high school team in lieu of salary. Majority of the Wildcats players are from the San Diego area. Instead of playing at the San Diego Sports Arena as their home, their home games are split between Eastlake and Cathedral Catholic High. Their regular season starts against the Mexicali Centinals. ... hoops.html

Possible/Inactive ABA teams:

Washington Internationals
Alexandria Windjammers
Birmingham Magicians
Ontario Red Wolves
California Eagles
El Paso S'ol
Los Angeles Aftershock
New Orleans Blues
Ohio Aviators
San Juan
Salt Lake City Dream
Tallahassee Tigers
Lincoln Thunder
McAllen, Texas
Fargo, North Dakota
Rapid City
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No, Calgary is not going to have the ABA Drillers resurrected as previouisly mentioned--or have a team at all in the ABA this season. Hope the Alberta city returns to pro basketball, and it must be done right.

With all of the stuff going on the Supersonics/Storm Key Arena saga, Seattle has another pro basketball team added to go with already with the Supersonics, Storm, the IBL's Mountaineers, and that new CBA team coming there in 2008. Can the Space Needle city field all those teams? I don't think that it can--one of those men's team will have to go. The ABA's rendition will be the King County Royals (named after the county Seattle is in). Perhaps it seems redundant to have another Seattle-named basketball team in the area, so it went different. Plus, neither Yakima nor Boise is going to have a team as earlier indicated.

Turns out that Maywood, California will have its own ABA team now that Beijing Aoshen Olympic has apparently for Azusa as its new home.

Jackson, Tennessee will NOT filed an ABA team.

Alexandria Windjammers decided to wait until next season to play. I think it's a good thing because this will allow for the franchise to develop awareness and cultivate word of mouth in a crowded Washington/suburban Maryland-Virginia sports enviroment.

There's some rumours here in St. Louis that current St. Louis Stunners coach and assistant GM Anthony Bonner will succeed Floyd Irons as head coach of Vashon High's boy's varsity basketball team. As a former Vashon Wolverine product who was coached under Irons, it would seemingly make sense to have someone "in the family" to make sure everything is OK. Bonner, a former SLU Billiken, Sacramento King, and Orlando Magic who would later make more money playing overseas with the likes of Italian Serie A's Buckler Bologna, is very loyal to Irons and reps Vashon to the fullest as its shining star. For those who are unaware of what's going on, Vashon is currently a perrenial champion (including this year)--an empire, if you will, not an evil one-- when it comes to Missouri state basketball in its class for almost three decades. When talking of Vashon here, basketball immediately enters the discussion. It's even ranked in the top 5 nationally in boy's high school basketball--at one recent time first. And Floyd Irons oversaw it all. What happened was in sum, over the summer there was an admistration overhaul involved in the St. Louis Public School district which led to some very bitter feelings among themselves, and Irons was essentially fired from his post by a new regime wanting to clean house and place an emphasis on academics. Irons is now taking legal action against this. It's all a mess...not that it wasn't that way for years in the school district. Problem is for Bonner, he isn't certified to coach high school basketball yet. Matter of full disclosure: back in Christmas Eve 2001 while working at as a snot-nosed rookie (as I like to call my time then at times) at Champs in the St. Louis Galleria, I met not only Floyd Irons but Chaminade Prep star and future New York Knick David Lee, then a Florida Gator freshman, while both were out Christmas shopping. They managed to get to talk to each other for a time there. Managed to get both of their autographs there!
(Oh yeah, there are cheerleader tryouts for the Stunners: )

One thing I would like John Salley do as ABA commisioner is mandate that the owners and their teams record stats and box scores and videotape footage of all of their games. This something a number of ABA teams failed to do since the league started up again. It's not that hard to do.

The Toledo Ice hired former Ohio St. Buckeye Dennis Hopson as head coach. Hopson, some of you will recall, was drafted by the New Jersey Nets in the 1987 NBA Draft out of the Buckeyes as a prolific scorer, but he couldn't excel consistently in the next level. His stats in the early going were decent, but after 64 starts, he never started again before finally finshing in Israel in 2000. At the age of 41, he got his degree in social work and now is a land developer and part-time owner of a go-kart racing park with trucking industry interests. Hopson replaces Melvin Newborn.

The ABA is taking an unprecendented move, for the league at least, in having the next ABA All-Star game in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Emulating apparently the NBA's in placing theirs in Las Vegas next year, the hope is that it will drum up big interest in the ABA for Halifax for its team slated to come next season and for the rest of Canada. Curiously, only the Canadian cities bid for the right to host the All-Star Game, even the ones that didn't have a team. Also part of the Halifax ownership is Jadranka Crnogorac, a three-time female athlete of the Year and two-time All-Canadian with St. Mary's Huskies.
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Having the ABA All-Star Weekend in Halifax will be a great thing for the city. Halifax loves its basketball (already a host for the Elite Eight in CIAU ball), and if the Crgornac and Livingstone tandem are effective and execute it well, Halifax will have a model ABA basketball team. Now you're starting to see the right and SMART PEOPLE running things. But to be sure, it truly remains to be seen. It's been bit of a struggle to have effective ABA teams north of the border with the Calgary Drillers and Niagara Daredevils folding. Proposed teams in Vancouver (now in the CBA as the Dragons), Ottawa, and London didn't pan out. Maybe next season for the latter two. Montreal Matrix was a decent success last season with some exterior turmoil, and the incoming Quebec City Kebekwa can make this a fierce provincial rivalry. Should the Halifax All-Star Weekend and the Halifax ABA team both serve as a success at the Halifax MetroCentre, expect Canadian cities to clamor for a franchise.

Orange County will get (once again) another ABA team in the footsteps of the phantom Anahiem Roadrunners, Southern California Surf, Orange County Crush, and the Orange County Buzz. May I introduce to you the Orange County Gladiators. (very little to see--team won't play until 2007)

McAllen, Texas along the Rio Grande River has named its team: the Rio Grande Valley Silverados. Home games will be at the McAllen Convention Center, scheduled to open in March 2007. (again very little to see here)

Last season the East defeated the West 129-127 at the 2006 All Star Game at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida (former home of the Florida Pit Bulls--now Miami Majesty of the CBA)

The Southern Georgia 36ers got its name because the city of Albany, Georia, where they call home, was founded in 1836.

The Anderson Champions serves as the Indiana ABA replacement for the departed Indianapolis Alley Cats. Currently the schedule has them playing at the Anderson High School Gym Wigwam for home games, but it's not yet know they will since the Alley Cats also play there.

The Chicago Rockstars will play their home games at the Northeastern Illinois University Gymnasium at Chicago's Northwest Side. Originally the Rockstars planned on playing at the Emil and Patricia Jones Convention Center on the Chicago St. campus but learned it wasn't going to be completed in time. While visiting the Rockstars website ( )--very nice and professional for an ABA team with a few others--check out the TV commercial for tickets (a rare thing indeed for the ABA to get significant TV time even if it's just for ticket info)

Quebec City's team are the Kebs for short and will play their first games on November 10 and 11 at home at Cegep against Alexander Wolff's Vermont Frost Heaves. PEPS at The University de Laval will act as its second home. The Frost Heaves will also be the Quebec City Kebekwa's only preseason opponent and will have them Kebs visit them as their first visitors to the Barre Municipal Auditorium. (in French only)

The ABA forced the Ann Iverson-owned Richmond Warriors to change its name to the Richmond Ballerz out of courtesy to the Golden State Warriors (like I knew they would). Anyhoo, Ann Iverson is talking it up, appearing at an UFC fight in Richmond, her huge birthday party at Club Manhattans, on Comcast TV's "Out of Bounds" program, and on the radio all to promote the Ballerz.
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Anthony Bonner has been named to succeed Irons as Vashon High's boys basketball head coach. Will he also keep his Stunners job? More details to follow next week.

The Hollywood Fame, one of the more eagerly anticipated ABA teams of interest, are to announce in Santa Monica on Tuesday their several of their new players and a coach. Hint: he's a former NBA coach. Speculate away who that might be. Many clebs and former athletes will be in attendance for this.

In a related story, co-owner Brady Anderson was named to head the ABA's Sports and Entertainment Advisory Board.

Aparently, the Anderson Champions are the first ABA franchise to hold a MySpace page.
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I stand corrected on the Maywood situation. Maywood won't even have its own ABA team. Nor is Long Beach, San Bernadino, Irvine, Springfield, or Palm Springs.

The ABA is getting another team though in upstate New York for next season. The city Corning, New York and the team's name is the Bulldogs. Corning is famous for its Corning International tech company.

The Hollywood Fame have announced their new head yesterday. He's a familiar face from the NBA, like I remind you, but he's not a big star type. So please don't get your hopes up. But he is familiar to the LA sports scene. Former Los Angeles Clippers coach Don Casey accepted the job and made himself available to the public at the press conference. He was part of the sorry lot of Clippers coach since the team moved to San Diego in 1978 (Paul Silas, Jim Lynam, Don Cheney, Gene Shue, Mike Schuler, Jim Todd, Bob Weiss, Bill Fitch, Alvin Gentry, Dennis Johnson, and Chris Ford) who couldn't make things work in LA or in San Diego. Before then, he was the predecessor to John Cheney at Temple University. He since been an assistant with the Celtics, was on the President's Council on Physical Fitness, ran a basketball clinics in Lebanon and for Africa 100, and New Jersey Nets head coach. Both times he spent with the Clippers and Nets were a season and a half each. Also at the press conference, the prospective list of 43 players were announced which includes Japan's Yuta Tabutse and Hiromasa Orniya. Minicamp has already started with the final roster set for Halloween. The Fame's Dance Team roster is set.

Former Arkansas Razorback and NBAer Todd Day is on the Northwest Arkansas Aeros roster.

It seems to me that, given the ownership and debt problems, the ABA has a lax screening process and are granted access to the league too early before the ownership groups prove they are successful with the right people on and off the court. I just discovered that Demetrius Ford and Tim Hardaway, owners of the Florida Pit Bulls, had a public spat with the ABA and the BankAtlantic Center OVER POSTSEASON SCHEDULING was the front for the defection to the CBA as now the Miami Majesty. Such acts like that, including the--dare I say it--the Sally Anthony/Ashley McElhiney confrontation over Matt Freije, makes the ABA juvenile and amatuerish. In cities where the ABA returns like Nashville and San Diego, people with long memories still feel the bitter sting of the incompetence when a new team in any minor league picks up the slack.


Wildcards: Indianapolis Alley Cats, Rochester RazorSharks, San Jose SkyRockets, SoCal Legends, Maryland Nighthawks, Pittsburgh Xplosion, Harlem Strong Dogs, Atlanta Vision, and the Newark Express all recieved byes to the quarterfinals

Beijing Aoshen Olympian defeated Fresno Heatwave 134-82
Buffalo Rapids defeated Boston Frenzy 133-88
Los Angeles Aftershock defeated Orange County Buzz 91-86
Strong Island Sound defeated Birmingham Magicians 97-95
Montreal Matrix defeated Ohio Aviators 140-83
Bellingham Slam defeated Tacoma Navigators 134-116
Toledo Ice defeated Detroit Wheels 132-130


Rochester RazorSharks defeated Newark Express 126-98
Atlanta Vision defeated Buffalo Rapids 99-97
Bellingham Slam defeated Pittsburgh Xplosion 122-115
San Jose SkyRockets defeated Los Angeles Aftershock 132-90
Indianapolis Alley Cats defeated Toledo Ice 117-103
Strong Island Sound defeated Harlem Strong Dogs 112-107
Maryland Nighthawks defeated Montreal Matrix 145-114
SoCal Legends defeated Beijing Aoshen Olympian 97-95


Rochester RazorSharks defeated Atlanta Vision 104-85
San Jose SkyRockets defeated Bellingham Slam 138-119
Strong Island Sound defeated Indianapolis Alley Cats 128-126
SoCal Legends defeated Maryland Nighthawks 123-121


Rochester RazorSharks defeated San Jose SkyRockets 108-103
SoCal Legends defeated Strong Island Sound 123-110


(see the top of page 1)

Atlanta Vision hired Bruce Kreutzel as their new coach
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Another team has dropped from the ABA until next season. This time around it's the Southern Georgia 36ERS. Again, it's the "need more time" position. (with accompanying video)

To go along with the Heat, the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area has the ABA's Miami Tropics and the Palm Beach Imperials. that makes four pro basketball teams in that area including the CBA's Miami Majesty (formerly the ABA Florida Pit Bulls) who are slated to play next season. Don't look for the latter three to grab local sports headlines and attention in the local media there like with the Heat, Marlins, the Panthers, the Hurricanes, or the Dolphins in South Florida. I think for the Pit Bulls playing at the BankAtlantic Center, though an upscale arena, was a mistake unless they were aiming for constantly 5-6000 for home games. The Tropics colo(u)rs include pink and the players from both teams hail from local high schools and community college programs. The Tropics will play their home games at Nova University Gym. ... -headlines

The King County Royals named Rick Turner, a former Director of Broadcasting for the Seattle Supersoincs before moving to coach the men's basketball team at Bellevue Community College, as their first head coach. He was to be the first coach for the CBA's Vancouver Dragons The site says they are defunct, but that's not true; they are waiting until next season to play. So Turner had to press on. Their home games will be at the North Seattle Community College and at the Green River Community College.

Phoenix will have an ABA alternative to the Suns again in the footsteps of the Phoenix Eclipse and the phantom Arizona Rhinos. Speaking of phantoms, here comes the Phoenix Phantomz ready to play at an ABA court near you in 2007. Team will be owned by those from the Texas Tycoons.

Las Vegas Venom part owner Tyrone Nesby will play in a few games with the Venom this season. For more, read here. ... 62512.html

Richard Jacobs shockingly resigns from the Buffalo Silverbacks with Trevor Ruffin taking over as interim coach. Jacobs wants to keep his Sports Management department job at Medaille College in Buffalo
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The following is more oriented towards the original ABA.

Will Farrell will star in a movie about the ABA with Woody Harrellson in New Line's production called "Semi-Pro", whic is set in the early days of the original ABA. Bound to be very funny. ... -3735.html

Now if we can get that supposedly rumoured Spirits of St. Louis movie made...

ABA season starts tonight (November 2) with the Monterrey Venemo/Monterrey Poison visiting the Arkansas Aeros at Springdale, Arkansas' All-Star Sports Arena
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Aeros beat the Veneno 150-114 last night to kick off the 2006-2007 ABA season.

Doesn't this ABA expansion ever stop? Reading, Pennslyvania is the latest to join. When are we going to see Anchorage, Alaska get their turn? The city hasn't got a team since the Northern Knights of the CBA.
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More ABA scores
NW Arkansas Aeros defeated the Waco Wranglers 146-114
Maryland Nighthawks over the Newark Express 118-113

The Orlando Orange Men got new owners AND a new name. Becuase of threats of a lawsuit coming from the University of Syracuse over the name trademark, which is rather funny since the athletic teams are now officially called the gender-neutral Orange--I, like many people, will continue to call them the Orangemen/women out of habit, the Orlando team was forced to rechristen themselves as the Orlando Aces. The Orange Men name was intended to call to mind that Orlando and central Florida are a significant part of the orange production in America. It's not like I was going to get confused over who's whom on the Orange Men saga, which triggered the lawsuit (for one thing, note the spelling difference). The Aces got a new coach too--Todd Triplett

In a related subject, you already know that the Richmond Ballerz, Ann Iverson's team, had to change their name to from the Warriors to keep the Golden St. Warriors from getting lawsuit-happy. Also there's the Twin City Ballers, a fellow ABA member, to deal with. So far, the Peoria Kings hadn't been asked to change theirs yet--don't be surprised should that happens too.

The Oregon Riptide is another ABA franchise willing to sit out until next season. With the Trail Blazers, Portland St. Vikings, Portland Pilots, and the IBL's Portland Chinooks (to a far lesser extent) dominating the local basketball headlines in this basketball-crazy city, it needs time to get some awareness out.

Rome, Georgia got a team for next season to coincide with the Atlanta suburb as a Medieval Times restaurant center. They will be aptly called the Rome Knights. Team is owned by a trio of women restaurantuers. There was a team in the Atlanta area that was coached by Brooke Steppe called the Reigning Knights of Georgia that didn't make it to the season's end in 2005.

The Orange County Gladiators follow the Anderson Champions's footsteps into My Space:

The Carson City Buzz are now the Maywood Buzz. Maywood's got a team after all. I just couldn't see an appropriate venue in the Carson City area anyway. They were going to have a Name The Team Contest but the owners decided to keep the Buzz name. Cedric Ceballos is slated to play with them.

Somebody out there please update the Mississippi Miracles logo; it looks like it came out of the 50s and 60s.

Hopefully this will be the last time I'll do this ABA conference alignment.
Red Conference

Northern Division
Bellingham Slam
Big Valley Shockwave
Fresno Heatwave
King County Royals

Southern Division
Beijing Aoshen Olympian
Gallup Outlaws
Hollywood Fame
Las Vegas Venom
Maywood Buzz
Mexicali Sentinals
San Diego Wildcats
Tijuana Dragons

White Conference
NW Arkansas Aeros
Arkansas Rivercats
Houston Undertakers
Monterrey Veneno/Monterrey Poison
Texas Tycoons
Waco Wranglers

Blue Conference

Midwest Division
Anderson Champions
Chicago Rockstars
Hammond Rollers
Minnesota Ripknees
Peoria Kings
Quad Cities RiverHawks
St. Louis Stunners
Twin Cities Ballers

Northeast Division
Baltimore Pearls
Brooklyn Wonders
Buffalo Silverbacks
Cape Cod Frenzy
Detroit Panthers
Maryland Nighthawks
Montreal Matrix
Newark Express
Quebec City Kebekwa
Rochester RazorSharks
Strong Island Sound
Toledo Ice
Vermont Frost Heaves

Southeast Division
Atlanta Vision
Jacksonville Jam
Knoxville Noise
Miami Tropics
Mississippi Miracles
Orlando Aces
Palm Beach Imperials
Richmond Ballerz
South Alabama Bounce
Tennessee Mud Frogs
Wilmington Sea Dawgs
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Artis Gilmore returns to Jacksonville basketball. This time to have his #52 retired in hono(u)r of his legacy to Jacksonville basketball at halftime. Gilmore was an All-American center for the Jacksonville University Dolphins whom he took to the 1970 NCAA title game on November 19 before having a long pro starting with the original ABA Kentucky Colonels then Chicago Buls, San Antonio Spurs, and Boston Celtics. He'll even suit up for the Jacksonville Jam at home in North Florida's gym.

Nikki "Hoopz" Alexander, the winner from the first season of VH1's Flavor of Love (one of my numerous guilty pleasures), a VH1 Celebreality show where women compete to win the affection Public Enemy's Flavor Flav, will play the 13th Man for the Knoxville Noise at home against the Atlanta Vision also this coming Sunday night at Catholic High. For an earlier Noise
game (versus MBC Nikolaev), Hoops was in attendence. She'll take part in halftime festivities, shoot hoops with the kids, sign autographs, and take photos. There's even a chance to win an autographed Noise jersey and ABA ball from her. In a way it seems like a publicity stunt, but there's some merit--she actually played pro basketball in Italy. So she does have some game. The stunning Detroit beauty of African-American and Italian heritage dated Flav afterwards but mutually split with (it didn;t work out) as she pursues an acting career.

While I'm at it, you'll notice that the ABA official website has a new look. I actually like it a lot. Been up since Wednesday.

Several portions of the the old site are still in existence like the news and expansion teams list. On the new ABA website, there are some cities projected to get teams next season that are not on the original list:

Tuscon (will we see the Satelittes here?)
San Antonio (ditto for the Stallions?)
San Juan
Springfield, Missouri
Lawton, OK
Des Moines
London, Ontario

Here's the logo for the new Canadian ABA entry for next season, the Mississuaga Red Wolves.

Scores will come again tomorrow
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Saturday November 4

Twin City Ballers defeated Peoria Kings 117-113
Baltimore Pearls defeated Strong Island Sound 117-115
NW Arkansas Aeros defeated Waco Wranglers 146-114

Sunday, November 5
Hammond Rollers 105 Peoria Kings 96
Rochester RazorSharks 103 Baltimore Pearls 73
Gallup Outlaws 88 Las Vegas Venom 85

Monday, November 6
Mississippi Miracle 103 South Alabama Bounce 96
Gallup Outlaws 121 Las Vegas Venom 110

Wdnesday, November 8
Monterrey Veneno 127 Houston Undertakers 89
Tennessee Mud Frogs 122 Southern Alabama Bounce 116
Newark Express 103 Richmond Ballerz 94
Detroit Panthers 109 Buffalo Silverbacks 100

Thursday, November 9
Minnesota Ripknees 75 Quad Cities RiverHawks 70
Tennessee Mud Frogs 107 Knoxville Noise 104
NW Arkansas Aeros 123 St. Louis Stunners 100

Friday, November 10
Jacksonville Jam 124 Orlando Aces 121
Strong Island Sound 113 Brooklyn Wonders 111
Detroit Panthers 123 Twin Cities Ballers 110
Quebec City Kebekwa 108 Vermont Frost Heaves 100
Arkansas RiverCatz 113 Mississippi Miracles 109
Cape Cod Frenzy 110 Montreal Matrix 108
Chicago Rockstars 94 Minnesota Ripknees 88
Maywood Buzz 112 San Diego Wildcats 110
Monterrey Veneno 102 Texas Tycoons 100

Saturday, November 11
Southern Alabama Bounce 119 Mississppi Miracles 112
Texas Tycoons 144 Houston Undertakers 132
Knoxville Noise 127 Tennessee Mud Frogs 124
Rochester RazorSharks 111 Strong Island Sound 102
Monterrey Veneno 106 Waco Wranglers 96
St. Louis Stunners 120 Peoria Kings 115
Cape Cod Frenzy 101 Quebec City Kebekwa 99
Palm Beach Imperials 112 Miami Tropics 102
Minnesota Ripknees 133 Twin Cities Ballers 110
Las Vegas Venom 122 Hollywood Fame 111
Brooklyn Wonders 94 Newark Express 93

Sunday, November 12
Bellingham Slam 108 King County Royals 96
Southern Alabama Bounce 128 Houston Undertakers 127
Vermont Frost Heaves 94 Montreal Matrix 83
Gallup Outlaws 102 Big Valley Shockwave 101
San Diego Wildcats 140 Las Vegas Venom 112
Texas Tycoons 126 Waco Wranglers 121
Maywood Buzz 116 Fresno Heatwave 115
Detroit Panthers 128 Buffalo Silverbacks 113
St. Louis Stunners 122 Anderson Champions 117
Richmond Ballerz 144 Maryland Nighthawks 141
NW Arkansas Aeros 146 Arkansas RiverCatz 116

Monday, November 13
Quad Cities RiverHawks 107 Anderson Champions 98
Jacksonville Jam 103 Miami Tropics 100
Maryland Nighthawks 110 Wilmington Sea Dawgs 107
Gallup Outlaws 112 Big Valley Shockwave 110

Wednesday, November 14
Strong Island Sound 99 Newark Express 98

Thursday, November 15
Southern Alabama Bounce 127 Knoxville Noise 121
Rochester RazorSharks 107 Buffalo Silverbacks 93
Vermont Frost Heaves 118 Quebec City Kebekwa 88
Texas Tycoons 142 NW Arkansas Aeros 122
Hollywood Fame 122 Bellingham Slam 120
Hammond Rollers 84 Minnesota Ripknees 83

Dennis Hopson has resigned as head coach of the Toledo Ice, talking to the local media there that the organization "wasn't too professional". Because of that, the Ice's first two games against the Ripknees and Rollers earlier this week were postponed.

The Montreal Matrix have released their roster at the start of the season. The most notable name here in it is Montreal native guard Mohammed Hachad, who played at Northwestern University. Also, Pascal Fluery is on the team as well.

The Tijuana Dragons have a Portuguese head coach, Joao De Costa.

The following, considering the crazy circus that is the ABA, doesn't surprise. The Baltimore Pearls have decided to quit after only a few games under their belt this season, thanks to several sponsors and investors not fufilling their promises to pump money into the franchise. Another Baltimore basketball team dies as the curse of the Bullets lives on. Don't be surprised to see other ABA franchises bite the dust--and not completing their seasons--during the course of the season. Will the ABA head honchos ever learn?

Maryland Nighthawks' Eric Branhan is the first ABA "Playa of the Week".

89 people witnessed the Bellingham Slam defeat the King County Royals at the North Seattle Community College Wellness Center, the smallest recorde crowd in the ABA so far.

I may end up attending a St. Louis Stunners game at Forest Park Community College's gym if I'm into it on an off day.

When will the Tennessee Mud Frogs change their logo too? It looks amatuerish.
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An interview with Halifax's ABA co-owner Jadranka Crnogorac on its birth from Frozen Hoops:

I wish Jadranka and her co-workers well on this endeavor to this a model ABA franchise. Halifax is a great Canadian basketball-loving city (and it can tap into the local talent from the high schools and the universities there). I think they are smart people, but we will see once the ball is tipped for Halifax in 2007. A Canadian ABA model franchise would be good for the league.

Friday, November 17
St. Louis Stunners 91 Quad Cities RiverHawks 98
Peoria Kings 104 Minnesota Ripknees 80
Chicago Rockstars 108 Detroit Panthers 101
Hollywood Fame 121 Bellingham Slam 119
Jacksonville Jam 115 Orlando Aces 109
Texas Tycoons 127 Arkansas RiverCatz 124
NW Arkansas Aeros 150 Waco Wranglers 96
Fresno Heatwave 89 Big Valley Shockwave 86

Saturday, November 18
Rochester RazorSharks 124 Maryland Nighthawks 114
Anderson Champions 128 Chicago Rockstars 106
Arkansas RiverCatz 107 Waco Wranglers 94
Knoxville Noise 107 Atlanta Vision 105
Vermont Frost Heaves 110 Buffalo Silverbacks 100
Strong Island Sound 116 Cape Cod Frenzy 97
Quad Cities RiverHawks 108 Minnesota Ripknees 98
Las Vegas Venom 129 Mexicali Centinelas 113
Texas Tycoons 147 Monterrey Veneno 120
Miami Tropics 119 Palm Beach Imperials 115
St. Louis Stunners 106 Peoria Kings 102

Sunday, November 19
Knoxville Noise 101 Atlanta Vision 88
Hollywood Fame 120 Big Valley Shockwave 93
Strong Island Sound 131 Maryland Nighthawks 123
Cape Cod Frenzy 109 Montreal Matrix 94
St. Louis Stunners 107 Twin Cities Ballers 103
Texas Tycoons 140 Waco Wranglers 133
Arkansas RiverCatz 118 Mississippi Miracles 92
Anderson Champions 111 Peoria Kings 94
Jacksonville Jam 113 Southern Alabama Bounce 87

Something like this rarely happens in pro sports, major or minor. The Fresno HeatWave announced they are relocating to Sacramento for the rest of the season. Its ownership believes Sacramento is more enthusiastic towards basketball than Fresno ever was. In Sacramento the hope is to get 1200 fans a game while college-mad Fresno had 200-300. If you remember from my earlier post about the Heatwave, they had trouble finding a home and attendance bouncing around from the Selland Arena, the Fresno St. Bulldogs previous home, to smaller high school and community college gym in the area. The Sacramento HeatWave will have their home games at Cosumnes River Junior College Gym starting December 3 against the Maywood Buzz. The Fresno HeatWave website makes no mention of the move yet. ( )

The Texas Tycoons show why they are a successful ABA team even taking last season off. They are on a 6-game winning streak.

The Vermont Frost Heaves made their debut on the road against the Quebec City Kebekwa (Les Kebs-- ) only to suffer an overtime defeat thanks to miscommunication from the players and the coach while learning the 3-D rule.

But they won the next game also in the province of Quebec down the St. Lawrence River in Montreal versus the Matrix.

...and their home opener against Quebec City amidst all of the craziness (including the demand to please many parties) going on about the Frost Heaves and Alexander Wolff

For its home game against the Maryland Nighthawks (a win) the defending ABA champs the Rochester RazorSharks got their ABA title rings presented to them in a pre-game ceremony by ABA commissioner John Salley, who says he will kick out any team that doesn't commit to playing a full season. More on him later. The first 1000 fans in the Blue Cross Arena got free replica rings, courtesy of Time Warner Cable. The RazorSharks are 4-0 so far this season. They already won its home opener versus the Buffalo Silverbacks.

If you're looking for some more news and info about the Canadian ABA teams even the defunct ones like the Montreal Matrix, Quebec City Kebekwa, Niagara Daredevils, Calgary Drillers, Mississuaga Red Wolves, and Halifax, turn to Frozen Hoops.
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The first games in the La Belle Province (that's Quebec, people) ABA rivalry between the Montreal Matrix and the Quebec City Kebekwa (aka Rounds 1 and 2 or the Pascal Jobin Bowl in hono(u)or of the coach of both teams) resulted in a Kebs victory over the Matrix Saturday 96-85 and Sunday 96-77, both in Montreal. The Matrix are still looking for their first win this season.

Since the Baltimore Pearls left at the beginning of the ABA season, I just knew the Pearls won't be the last team to close up shop in the ABA. The ABA suspended the Las Vegas Venom after five games (but since the Venom were sold to new investors a huge company--- The Mexicali Centinales are MIA after only one game. And following the resignation of coach Dennis Hopson concerned over "unprofessionalism", it seems he is calling it right, the Toledo Ice has yet to still play a game with speculation in the local media they too will bite the dust. After the move to Sacramento, the Fresno HeatWave haven't played, and it's uncertain that they will this season.

The Jacksonville Jam are on top of the ABA power rankings despite the Texas Tycoons winning two more games than the Jam, but lost their first game. Defending champs Rochester is at fourth. Vermont comes behind the RazorSharks at fifth.

Now straight from CBS affiliate WCAX TV-3 in Burlington, Vermont, coverage of the Frost Heaves' (and by extension pro basketball in Vermont) home debut victory against the Quebec City Kebekwa--with more cowbells! Uh, Kebs, why don't you seriously change your tops to something more professional instead of the faded Kebs logo?

ABA scores will return tomorrow.
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Monday, November 20
Tennessee Mud Frogs 110 Atlanta Vision 108
Beijing Aoshen Olympians 107 King County Royals 97
Monterrey Veneno 137 Houston Undertakers 133

Tuesday, November 21
Bellingham Slam 115 Beijing Aoshen Olympians 102
Jacksonville Jam 112 Palm Beach Imperials 107
Wilmington Sea Dawgs 115 Tenneessee Mud Frogs 114

Wednesday, November 22
Bellingham Slam 127 Beijing Aoshen Olympians 107
Wilmington Sea Dawgs 127 Tennessee Mud Frogs 67
NW Arkansas Aeros 157 Arkansas RiverCatz 111

Thursday, November 23--US Thanksgiving Day
Tennessee Mud Frogs 133 Knoxville Noise 113

Friday, November 24
Chicago Rockstars 113 Peoria Kings 101
Maryland Nighthawks 147 Strong Island Sound 144
Quebec City Kebs 96 Montreal Matrix 88
Jacksonville Jam 133 Palm Beach Imperials 129
Maywood Buzz 137 Hollywood Fame 127
Detroit Panthers 191 Toledo Ice 68
Buffalo Silverbacks 96 Rochester RazorSharks 93

Saturday, November 25
Anderson Champions 126 Detroit Panthers 123
Beijing Aoshen Olympians 113 Maywood Buzz 103
St. Louis Stunners 118 Chicago Rockstars 110
Quad Cities RiverHawks 117 Hammond City Rollers 112
Strong Island Sound 89 Newark Express 82
Palm Beach Imperials 100 Southern Alabama Bounce 98
Minnesota Ripknees 107 Twin Cities Ballers 101
Vermont Frost Heaves 138 Cape Cod Frenzy 121

Sunday, November 26
Wilmington Sea Dawgs 107 Maryland Nighthawks 105
Tennessee Mudfrogs 120 Southern Alabama Bounce 103
Texas Tycoons 116 Monterrey Veneno 103
Minnesota Ripknees 98 Twin City Ballers 93
Vermont Frost Heaves 127 Cape Cod Frenzy 94
Chicago Rockstars 126 Anderson Champions 97
San Diego Wildcats 98 Beijing Aoshen Olympians 85

Monday, November 27
Quad Cities RiverHawks 117 Chicago Rockstars 67
Richmond Ballerz 135 Maryland Nighthawks 132
Gallup Outlaws 100 Tijuana Dragons 85

Tuesday, November 28
Arkansas RiverCatz 137 Mississippi Miracle 125
Brooklyn Wonders 97 Newark Express 95
Tennessee Mudfrogs 92 Southern Alabama Bounce 88
Miami Tropics 135 Orlando Aces 121

The ABA offcially announced the 2007 All-Star Weekend in Halifax on the advent of a ABA expansion team there. The ABA fun will be from January 27-28 culminating in the East-West showdown. Saturday will begin with St. Francis Xavier X-Men facing the Dalhousie Tigers and then the 3-Point Shootout and Slam-Dunk Contest with concerts to be announced at a later date. Some of the proceeds for the "fun-filled weekend" will go towards local charities. Check out the logo, it's very nice and in line with many contemporary sports logos these days. As for the Halifax ABA team, other members of the ownership group will be unvieled at the all-star game with the name, colo(u)rs, and logo announced very soon. The name that team contest is over, and the team is still securing office space and a home venue lease. The investor group have an eye for some coaches at the moment, hopefully named by early spring.
But Phillip Croucher is one who is not conviced yet. Phillip, give them more time, they'll come correct. When they don't make news of what's going on about them soon after the last press conference, then you rightly worry.

As you may have noticed the Toledo Ice actually did play a game, a pitiful one against the Panthers. The Ice's home opener is Saturday against the ABA champs Rochester, and the Ice got new owners, new arena, and new coach to quell issues like not paying players and coach. What was to be their first game against Hammond on Nov 12 was forfeited.

Beijing Aoshen Olympians have fired their coach Lashaun McDaniel and istalled Puerto Rican Ricky Benitez today after a sluggish start to the season 2-3. Remember this is the team that all but one (or two) of their players is Chinese. Former NBAer Fred Vinson is the lone American. Several of them played for China in the WC in Japan. All done to reenergize Beijing to be the force again in the ABA.

How's the Hollywood Fame are doing at the start? They just lost to Maywood after a three game winning streak. But that's still sparkling for them at 3-2. Coach Don Casey, who admits to being rusty in his coaching after being away for five years, implements a zone defense philiosophy to the Fame that will springboard into its offense. He also realizes that he can act as one of the Fame's ambassadors, trying to give credibility to the ABA as well. Also, Yuta Tabutse and his fellow Japanese player didn't make the final roster.

Luke Ridnour's dad Rob coaches the Bellingham Slam.

As for the other notable ABA expansion team, the Ann Iverson-owned Richmond Ballerz, they're doing OK too at 2-1 (a couple of their games were cancelled though) after starting out with a double-OT loss they won the next two games, including another OT game. (look at the one about the Thanksgiving dinner they held at the bottom of home webpage) (for info on the thrilling win over Maryland)
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Wednesday, November 29

Arkansas River Catz 89 Southern Alabama Bounce 81
Rochester RazorSharks 127 Montreal Matrix 101
Houston Undertakers 166 Texas Tycoons 163

Thursday, November 30

Buffalo Silverbacks 120 Hammond Rollers 104
Wilmington Sea Dawgs 115 Richmond Ballerz 105

Friday, December 1

Cape Cod Frenzy 110 Brooklyn Wonders 102
Big Valley Shockwave 109 Fresno Heatwave 108
Miami Tropics 114 Jacksonville Jam 90
Minnesota Ripknees 88 Peoria Kings 87
Monterrey Veneno 100 Waco Wranglers 93
Quebec City Kebekwa 124 Montreal Matrix 99
Detroit Panthers 115 Rochester RazorSharks 104
Arkansas River Catz 116 Texas Tycoons 106
Strong Island Sound 104 Vermont Frost Heaves 98

Saturday, December 2

Strong Island Sound 110 Cape Cod Frenzy 97
Atlanta Vision 86 Knoxville Noise 92
Miami Tropics 99 Orlando Aces 86
Texas Tycoons 122 Monterrey Veneno 111
Twin City Ballers 144 Anderson Champions 139
Vermont Frost Heaves 86 Newark Express 80
Maryland Nighthawks 119 Wilmington Sea Dawgs 111
Houston Undertakers 126 Waco Wranglers 98

Sunday, December 3

Bellingham Slam 121 King County Royals 99
Maryland Nighthawks 115 Richmond Ballerz 113
Miami Tropics 114 Palm Beach Imperials 83
Peoria Kings 128 Twin City Ballers 111
Quebec City Kebekwa 109 Brooklyn Wonders 98
Sacramento Heatwave 122 Maywood Buzz 118
Hollywood Fame 117 Big Valley Shockwave 105
NW Arkansas Aeros 117 Monterrey Veneno 103

Monday, December 5

Miami Tropics 89 Jacksonville Jam 83
Southern Alabama Bounce 113 Houston Undertakers 119
Hollywood Fame 117 Sacramento Heatwave 110

Tuesday, December 6

Beijing Aoshen Olympian 118 San Diego Wildcats 116
NW Arkansas Aeros 120 Mississippi Miracles 107

The Mexicali Sentinals/Centinelas confirmed they will cease operations for the rest of the season after less than a month into the season with hopes of pulling a Texas Tycoons and returning next season better than ever. Its president Mr. David Peralta reported to the local media announcing for the team's better preparations for 2007-08. For now though with the Centinelas' adios to the ABA makes Mexicali the fourth Mexican ABA franchise to be defunct after the Hermosillo Seris, the Jalisco Suns, and the Juarez Gallos (en Espanol)

Following in the footsteps of Ashley McElhiney and the Nashville Rhthym, the Newark Express announced co-owner Marsha Blount, who has 25 years of basketball experience as both player and coach, to succeed the resigned Ron Moore as coach. Like with the Rhthym at the time, Ashley was coaching when the owner also happened to be a woman (Sally Anthony). We all know what happened then. In this case, I don't think we will witness a Newark version of what transpired in 2005. I hope it will restore some faith in women coaching men's pro basketball. Another thing: the Express owners are black women. Player liason Sandy Smith will serve as an assistant. Speaking of Ashley, come back to coaching when you get a chance after your time in Tuscaloosa (how about the new Gold Coast NBL team?)!!!

Montreal is STILL winless. There are a few others who also in same state (Orlando, Waco, Toledo, and King County), but the Matrix have played more games so far--0-7. Quebec City certainly is embarassing them right now in the so-called bragging rights in Quebec pro basketball. You would think with its deeper talent pool to choose from out of the city, Montreal would perform much better.

The Hollywood Fame promised there will be celebs possibly playing on court. May seem like a gimmick, but surely the owners want some who had some level of organized basketball experinece. First one up to bat is MTV Real Worlder Syrus Yarbrough, who will dress up as the 13th Man in their home opener at Santa Monica . Like Nikki "Hoopz" Alexander before him with the Knoxville Noise, he will with the team like he already is a member of the Fame from suiting up to the warmups to the halftime to the end--and is eleigible to play if Don Casey sees fit. He actually played basketball at Santa Monica College, where he was a standout (but later transferred to Hawaii-Hilo), so this one makes sense. For the record, the Fame actually play their home games at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium and not the Los Angeles Sports Arena as previously announced perhaps because of the latter's location that is near a rough area. Can't beleive they actually haven't played a home game yet. Maybe it is due to the facility issue. Hope their home debut will be impressive.

As much I like to report on the ABA, the wackiness and unprofessional level of this league is what people may be intrested in--it's the most entertaining part. I know this is not what Joe Newman wants publicized, since he sees it as an attack of his personal character, but these things must be reported. Something is fundamentaly and horribly wrong with a clearly financial strapped team (in his case the Toldeo Ice) that plays its first (and so far the only) pro game of the season and lose by at least 100 points--with SIX players to play! I'm sure the Ice, in its bigger roster, will defeat the likes of several national teams in Africa and Asia like South Africa, India, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Central African Republic, Uganda, Malawi, Singapore, and Hong Kong should they ever play against them. But that doesn't matter. Another ABA team I hear even wore regular heather grey T-shirts as their uni tops with their names on strips of tape. That's not professional basketball. Professional basketball is not changing schedules puzzling team fans and teams moving during the course of a season, or not setting in one facility as a home (though it's OK when a big one-off event is taking place or inclement weather gets in the way). Professional basketball isn't failing to find complete team and individiual stats or video records.

Former Strong Island Sound G Chris Sandy was killed in an automobile accident while overseas playing for Finland's Kouvot Kouvala in November.

Baltimore Pearls and Las Vegas Venom may return next season.

Sergio McClain in now the player/coach for the Peoria Kings. Kings' attendance has been good considering they are trying to carve a niche in Peoria sports with averaging 700 fans a game, including 1000 for the opener.

Miami Tropics signed new players with a local Latin flavor--former Youngstown St. G Rafael "Pachy" Cruz, F/C Angelo Reyes, and G Ray Rodes from the Bahamas. Thankfully, the Tropics don't don pink unis as I have feared they would judging from the logo. If they were still in the 80s with Miami Vice as its height, it could pass. But pastels are passe.

The Vermont Frost Heaves, aka Team Sports Illustrated for its owner is noted and respected SI writer Alexander Wolff, are still coming swimmingly and are now 5-2. Both of their losses came in OT. The likes of Vermont, Texas, Quebec City, Hollywood, Jacksonville, Miami, Beijing Aoshen(just for its deep pockets and strong sponsorship deals alone), Monterrey, Wilmington, Bellingham, Cape Cod, Rochester, Maryland, and NW Arkansas are models of what ABA success should be so far. They are how you operate an ABA team, especially Vermont up in the Green Mountains--not Toledo. Nice unis guys. The Frost Heaves recognize talent and cohesion. Oh, you gotta have plenty of capital well beforehand to cover lots of bases in running it and to be organized with it. ... /612030310

If the state of Arkansas is any indication, maybe I am a little wrong about a small state (in terms of major league sports) not supporting two different pro basketball leagues. Given the success of the NW Arkansas Aeros and the NBDL's Arkansas RimRockers, a former ABA franchise mind you. So I am a little, though not completely, willing to amend my thoughts on Utah in the ABA, NBDL, and the CBA. But Arkansas is not Utah.

Some more proposed ABA teams for next season:
Bridgeport, Connecticut
Long Beach
San Francisco Bay Area

ABA Power Rankings
1. NW Arkansas Aeros
2. Jacksonville Jam
3. Minnesota Ripknees
4. Strong Island Sound
5. Vermont Frost Heaves
6. Detroit Panthers
7. Texas Tycoons
8. Rochester RazorSharks
9. Quad Cities RiverHawks
10. Gallup Outlaws
11. Arkansas River Catz
12. San Diego Wildcats
13. Wilmington Sea Dawgs
14. Miami Tropics
15. Quebec City Kebs
16. Bellingham Slam
17. Hollywood Fame
18. Knoxville Noise
19. St. Louis Stunners
20. Tennessee Mudfrogs
21. Cape Cod Frenzy
22. Monterrey Veneno
23. Maryland Nighthawks
24. Maywood Buzz
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Dennis Rodman who played in the ABA with the defunct Long Beach Jam (actually moved to the CBA and up the Cali coast and became the Bakersfield Jam) will film portions of his new reality-TV show at the Santa Monica College, home of the Hollywood Fame. The show will be on HD Net. Geek to Freak with Dennis Rodman At first, I thought he was going to play in the ABA. Speaking of the Fame, Yuta Tabutse did not make the final roster on Opening Day. Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson's-ex, avid sports fan, and Fame co-owner, vows to be a little like Mark Cuban like chest bumping with players. More later.

More problems with the Montreal Matrix. Still winless--they almost won yesterday against Cape Cod, it isn't a lack of professionalism and organization, but the lack of awareness and the very disappointing reaction from its fans. May I remind you that Montreal, for its fertile basketball talent, isn't really known to have great success in its pro basketball attempts, and that's a shame. This is Montreal's best shot at pro basketball so far, and I, given the coverage I've given them in these boards, happen to like them a lot. Home games' attendance at the Pierre Charbonneau Centre on Nove 10 and 12 have been, in GM Tito Desin's words, "very disappointing". Though the players haven't been paid , according to several sources, they haven't declared a pullout and at least for now continue to play. But Montreal's own Mohamed Hachad (ex-Northwestern Wildcat) has already left for Switzerland's Sion-Herens in the LNA as a replacement for the sacked Erick Barkley. With little revenue coming from their two home games to cover expenses, the situation will be reversed in the next few weeks. If you check out their really-good looking website, they got (limited) sponsorships from Subway, Montreal Mirror, The city of Montreal, MusiquePlus, Global Media, Ici, Metro (Montreal's subway system), Soundbeatradio, and the Canadian Heart and Stroke Association-- , Old site-- Fans need to be aware of them more, because they need their support. If I were living up in Montreal right now, I would try to attend as many home games as I can becuase this will be as close to NBA basketball Montreal will get in the forseeable future. And in the local media, there's talk of moving, selling the team, or folding it. Makes you wonder what if Pascal Jobin and Jerome Williams are still around with this team. As we should know from previous seasons, it's hard to hold onto a ABA team by the holiday season...

By contrast, the Quebec Kebs are doing well, both on and off court. Montreal's situation is so bad that former GM and coach Pascal Jobin made a plea for Montreal fans to turn up.

Did you think this wasn't going to happen with what I told you last week about them and in the recent weeks? The Toldeo Ice became the latest casualty in the ABA with its disastrous situation putting an end to them. Another WTF joke team gone... ... -1/SPORTS/

But an ABA has indeed been rescued. The Hammond Rollers are saved from certain death when it was bought by Quad Cities owner Tom McGinn thus terminating the ownership of Denise Pulphuis. Its previous owner Denise Pulphus was "99 percent certain" that she was going to pull the plug on the Rollers. She cites the leagues's organization issues and having to absorb the costs herself after Joe Newman promised the league will take over the Rollers. The Rollers will move to the Sterling/Rock Falls area in Illinois and will be renamed the Sauk Valley Rollers. Their first as such in their new home will be on December 28. They follow the Fresno/Sacramento Heatwave in moving during the course of the season. Coach Kenny Battle will stay on.

Anthony Bonner is NOT coaching the St. Louis Stunners.

Scores and more will come tomorrow.
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Wednesday, December 7

Houston Undertakers 134 Waco Wranglers 128

Thursday, December 8

NW Arkansas Aeros 139 Houston Undertakers 125
Brooklyn Wonders 119 Richmond Ballerz 111
Vermont Frost Heaves 106 Chicago Rockstars 97
Rochester RazorSharks 115 Detroit Panthers 100
Minnesota Ripknees 114 Hammond Rollers 101

Friday, December 9

NW Arkansas Aeros 119 Waco Wranglers 100
Jacksonville Jam 100 Atlanta Vision 84
Buffalo Silverbacks 119 Detroit Panthers 104
Minnesota Ripknees 116 Hammond Rollers 101
Quebec City Kebekwa 91 Montreal Matrix 71
Quad Cities RiverHawks 103 St. Louis Stunners 93

Saturday, December 10

Rochester RazorSharks 109 Buffalo Silverbacks 90
Bellingham Slam 120 Maywood Buzz 100
Jacksonville Jam 94 Atlanta Vision 81
Orlando Aces 110 Miami Tropics 100
Chicago Rockstars 104 Peoria Kings 96
Vermont Frost Heaves 99 Quebec City Kebekwa 85
Tennessee Mudfrogs 130 Knoxville Noise 128
Anderson Champions 141 Twin Cities Ballers 131
Waco Wranglers 137 Texas Tycoons 131

Sunday, December 11

Texas Tycoons 125 NW Arkansas Aeros 116
Chicago Rockstars 109 Twin Cities Ballers 87
Fresno/Sacramento Heatwave 109 Las Vegas Venom 86
Cape Cod Frenzy 114 Montreal Matrix 113
Maryland Nighthawks 128 Strong Island Sound 115
Wilmington Sea Dawgs 95 Newark Express 93
Tijuana Dragons 137 Big Valley Shockwave 97
San Diego Wildcats 113 Bellingham Slam 105
Gallup Outlaws 102 Beijing Aoshen Olympic 99
Arkansas RiverCatz 130 Mississippi Miracles 120
Peoria Kings 96 Quad Cities RiverHawks 86

Monday, December 12

Gallup Outlaws 95 Beijing Aoshen Olympic 93
Richmond Ballerz 117 Newark Express 116
Jacksonville Jam 109 Palm Beach Imperials 107

The RazorSharks won 22 straight home games after defeating the Buffalo Silverbacks. Following a RazorSharks matinees home game against Quebec City on New Year's Eve, Rochester's Blue Cross Arena will host a concert headlined by 18-year old multinstrumenatlist Teddy Geiger, who's making some noise in the US pop charts. Fans have a chance to mingle with the RazorShark players and the dance team at the Webster Aquatic Center for fun and games. Free and open to the public Friday, December 29 6-8pm

More Razorsharks: Six home games will be televised on the newest sports cable network in the Mid-Atlantic, Time Warner SportsNet (TWSN) beginning December 28 against the Cape Cod Frenzy. The network launches in three days, focusing Rochester professional sports teams, local high schools and college teams, and ESPN News.

Las Vegas is actually back. But all those ABA teams dropping won't stop more expansion. Nevada is gaining another ABA team in Henderson. Just place it in Reno instead...
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Another ABA expansion team and another one based in Texas coming. Corpus Christi joins Crazy Joe's ABA next season, but the man spearheading it coming in has some experinece involved in operating a sports team in the area, the Corpus Christi IceRays minor league hockey team and owns the Corpus Christi Hammerheads indoor football team. Hope Chad Dittman doesn't overextend himself.

ABA Power Rankings
1. NW Arkansas
2. Minnesota
3. Jacksonville
4. Vermont
5. Rochester
6. Quad Cities
7. Strong Island
8. Arkansas
9. Hollywood
15.Quebec City
16.San Diego
21.Cape Cod

The King County Royals won their first game of the season last night overthe Sacramento Heatwave 116-106. This leaves the Montreal Matrix as the only active ABA without a win this season. More scores will come after the weekend.
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The Orange County Gladiators released their logo to the world yesterday. Not exactly awe-inspiring:
The bigger stuff will get announced in a major press conference next month. Team is now working on getting the merchandise agreements finalized made and making the gear available soon.

Sauk Valley (formerly Hammond) Rollers' intro to the residents consciousness ... 147262.txt
But no dice in their debut there: ... 212881.txt

More on the Montreal Matrix: The Matrix was officialy pronounced dead even before playing their home game Sunday against the Vermont Frost Heaves (more on them later). The Matrix players' focus weren't in it when Montreal lost bad 112-71. But it was confirmed some time that it is now revived when it was sold to a local ownership group led by Luc Filiatrualt. Wanting to create a new legacy and eschew its troubled start in the last season and a half, the team will no longer be managed by anyone associated with the previous management. In fact, the team will have a new name resulting from a Name the Team contest for the general public and it will be known officially as the Montreal Professional Basketball Club but for the interim will maintain the Matrix name and records. Filiatrault happened to be a member of the Matrix medical staff. Maybe he can help pump some interest into the Montreal public. Surely they'll win some games. Nevio Marzinotto will serve not only as head coach but also its new GM. Paul Stephens remains as Assistant Coach. Next game will be at home on the 22nd against Newark. I wish they kept the Matrix name since it's so cool. Here's the press release:

Continuing in Canada, Halifax ABA announced their name the other day with help from vice president Jadranka Crgornorac. From over 600 entries, the winning entry is....(drum roll please) the Rainmen. Its winning nomination is from Halifax's Krista MacDonald, who was pleasantly shocked. I was expecting it to be named the Nova Scotia somethings. Now, the Rainmen can invite jokes involving the Dustin Hoffman-Tom Cruise movie. But Rainmen has a dual purpose to Halifax: Crgornorac states that Halifax gets lots of rain, and in basketball three-pointers are sometimes called rain and to market around them. A significant percentage want to call them the Explosion, but that would not have been "in good taste". First merchandise featuring the logo designed by Toronto's Keith Flynn is expected to hit next month at the time when Halifax hosts the ABA All-Star Weekend. The 6000-seat Halifax Forum might also be a good venue for them to play, as it. like the MetroCentre, hosts basketball games.

The Quebec City Kebs are still doing well. They even defeated champs Rochester 85-75 to cap off a brilliant weekend satisfying the new-record 1500 fans at Laval University. And they got better-looking uniforms than what they wore against Vermont on the road. So I apologize if they were on their way at the time.

Vermont still is going strong and leading the Northeast division. Yes, Alexander you got a damn fine team. They destroyed Montreal 112-71 as visitors, a team that wished hadn't bothered. ... 04/SPORTS/
Here's a profile on Frost Heaves coach Will Voigt: ... /612200315

Can't talk about ABA basketball without dealing with the Hollywood Fame. The Fame have won four straight, including their home opener at Santa Monica College over the Big Valley Shockwave in front of a star-studded crowd and the San Diego Wildcats to go 7-2.

The Toledo Ice is baaaaaccck, but this time with a new owner and name. They're now the Toledo Royal Knights with a new owner determined to dispell the negative publicity like with that 191-66 loss to Detroit. Wait a minute, don't they realize that Rome, Georgia has an ABA team coming next year called the Knights? Sure they now have a $107,000 budget to cover the expenses for the rest of the season with an accountant in tow to serve as chief financial officerDo they want to invite confusion? The Ice, ahem, the Royal Knights, will play in local high schools for home games. ... /612190332

Detroit Panthers named Clarence "Bill" Jones as Head Coach/Assistant GM

A plea to all ABA teams: DON'T YOU EVER change your names during the course of the season; it comes off as bush league. Do it in the offseason to allow for merchandise and other intangibles come to play. Then again, the ABA is bush league

Scores will come tomorrow
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The Montreal Professional Basketball Club's website (I'll still call you the Matrix for now):
I just voted for the Montreal Flash in the contest.
Press realase on the press conference:

Maywood Buzz sign Santa Claus. No not THAT Santa Claus. But AND 1 star Kenny Brunner, nicknamed Santa Claus. Buzz coach/GM Burrell Lee knew of Brunner for many years since high school "and will move Will Burr to the 2-spot so that it can free him up more for shots".

Richmond Ballerz fell behind early then scored 48 points in the second quarter and pulled ahead of the Wilmington Sea Dawgs to defeat them 126-112.

My local ABA team, the St. Louis Stunners lost four games in a row. Website hasn't been updated much.

Tuesday, December 13
Miami Torpics 94 Jacksonville Jam 91
Knoxville Noise 131 Tennessee Mudfrogs 121
Maywood Buzz 144 Monterrey Veneno 129
Bellingham Slam 134 Fresno/Sacramento Heatwave 104

Wednesday, December 15
Tennessee Mudfrogs 122 Atlanta Vision 121
Bellingham Slam 110 Fresno/Sacramento Heatwave 104
Maywood Buzz 139 Monterrey Veneno 123
Buffalo Silverbacks 117 Richmond Ballerz 97

Thursday, December 16
King County Royals 116 Fresno/Sacramento Heatwave 101
Buffalo Silverbacks 123 Richmond Ballerz 116
Vermont Frost Heaves 95 Rochester RazorSharks 93
San Diego Wildcats 124 Tijuana Dragons 118
Mississippi Miracles 138 St. Louis Stunners 133

Friday, December 17
NW Arkansas Aeros 130 Arkansas RiverCatz 112
Detroit Panthers 110 Buffalo Silverbacks 104
Jacksonville Jam 124 Orlando Aces 120
Peoria Kings 140 Anderson Champions 114
Quebec City Kebekwa 101 Strong Island Sound 92
Quad Cities RiverHawks 128 Twin City Ballers 105
Jusqui'ici tout va bien...
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where can I find box scores?? In particular, for the Vermont Frostheaves???

The ABA site is useless.
Originally Posted by Southern Joe
... Poida is pretty much a basketball purist ...
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Unfortunately, finding box scores for ABA games are nonexistant even in local newspapers. I too have trouble finding them online. This is one of the things that makes me so upset about this league, and John Salley indicated that he was going to put forth a greater effort on teams to do this. Higher up basketball leagues like even the CBA and IBL do a better job and keeping track of records of games. With the exception of a few teams, many of their games aren't televised (because of the many facilities they play aren't exactly accomodating to TV cameras and musch of the media). Many of them may kinda remind you of Illawarra's Snakepit.
Jusqui'ici tout va bien...
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