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Originally Posted by Nerf Herder View Post
Did this pop up on Hoops? Seems pretty crazy really... I know he wasn't one of our stars, but he's a solid player that has been with the team for a while, and chemistry should count for something (unless there's a lack of it and more to wanting to be released/happy to release him), especially when we don't have any other bigs signed...

Slightly concerning that JvG/Drewie seem happy to blow things up without any clear idea on what they seem to want to do... They let Moller go, apparently they put an offer in but Melbourne's was too good... Not sure if melbourne overpaid, or we lowballed, but that kid has some solid potential and I'm disappointed we lost a local kid to Mexico...

Truck's option wasn't taken up and there doesn't seem to be any word on him still getting signed (was hoping it was a budget/balance sheet sort of thing), Jules is understandable that they wouldn't want to take a risk on, considering his lingering injury concerns, rumours of not working hard enough in rehab and then previously soft on court reputation as well, but Truck missing is disappointing...

It's not like there is a super large pool of quality Aussie bigs waiting to suit up in the NBL that are that level of quality... Gazey didn't seem to use the bigs real well last season, I hope he's not discounting their value to team success and putting all his eggs into the backcourt...

I wonder if they're hoping that they can pick up Jonah Bolden if he doesn't get drafted, that would be an exciting pick up...
Maric will be back on a lower deal.
Garlepp was told there will be less minutes for him. He can stay if he wants but looks like he will get more play down south.

Moller was offered a deal by Brisbane that we matched then Melbourne blew out. Sucks coz I liked the kid.
Troll Alert.
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