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Default Hawks run to the Finals.

I thought I might post this for fellow Hawks fans so we all know who and where we play for our final seven games of the season. After going down to Melbourne yet again, the Hawks look to be slipping a tad but I WILL NOT write them off until they are in fith spot come the end of the season. With four of the remaining seven games being played in the comfortable surrounds of the Sandpit, the playoffs are not out of reach providing the boys can continue to win in front of there adoring (and frustrated) fans. Our consistant win at home could pave the way to a top two finish if the other games go our way and if we can steal a road game or two, we might be looking towards some home court advantage come playoff time. It's interesting that we play both NZ and Townsville away which could also play in our favour seeming we haven't lost in either one of those venues this year with them being our only two raod wins of the year.

So, here is the run to the playoffs. (Hopefully)

Gold Coast (Home) Won 96-75
Townsville (Home) Won 93-86
Townsville (Away) Lost 59-73
New Zealand (Away)
Gold Coast (Home)
Melbourne (Home)
Adelaide (Away)

Getting the split on the red hot Crocs and tieing with the Blaze could also detirmine where we stand at the end of the season ladder wise.
We are capable of wining each of these games but whether or not we do is another matter. As much as we will miss Ty, I have never thought that we are a one man team and it won't be much of a problem without him provided the boys step up and do their bit and extra to get the job done. I like the look of Luke Martin and with Rhys being fairly consistant in his new role, I hope to be celebrating making the playoffs for the first time since our disaster 05/06 Grand Final non apperance at the end of the season!

Your thoughts?

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Next time use your DeLorean to fetch us some posts from the future, for a change.
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really hot chix
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Well he'll be surprised by the flying cars we all drive.
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Where am I?

uhh I mean, when am I?

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